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Jeremy Larson show tonight canceled

May 1, 2009

jeremylarsonsoloWe just wanted to quickly pass along the news that tonight’s Jeremy Larson concert at the Firehouse on Commercial Street has been canceled. We’re working on finding out why. We hate it when a show gets canceled just as we’re finding out about it.

Even MORE Jeremy Larson news. See him on Ozarks Fox Friday morning.

March 12, 2009

jeremylarsonsoloJust caught word from our good buddy Lance Sittion (of local reggae favs, The Seed) that Jeremy Larson will be on Ozarks Fox in the morning tomorrow, Friday morning. Tune in and check him out while you’re getting ready for work.

Mini vid post feat. Jeremy Larson and Can’t Be Too Jumpy (UPDATED, Glass Bottom Boat Ride)

March 11, 2009

So just hitting the bulletin board on Myspace and saw two posts really close to eachother by locals talking about new videos they’ve posted. Jeremy Larson posted a new in-studio vid and Can’t Be Too Jumpy posted a fan vid of them performing live. Click-thru to check’em out.


This week on The Mystery Hour: Jeremy Larson

March 11, 2009

You know how Saturday Night Live has certain hosts and guests that are staff and crowd favorites, the ones who come back six or eight times? Yeah, people such as Steve Martin, John Goodman, etc. Jeremy Larson is sort of the musical-guest equivalent of these for Jeff Houghton’s improv-meets-talk-show The Mystery Hour; this Friday marks Larson’s third appearance on the show, a record among musical guests. The last time any of us saw Larson perform on a talk show was The Tonight Show a few weeks ago with Mute Math; it’s nice to see the home peeps get the next spot in line. The show will also include Dave Coonrod and Rob Evans of Ozarks Fox. It starts at 10 p.m. at The Skinny Improv theater and costs $5 to attend.

So, our question is: Who among past Mystery Hour musical guests is going to challenge Larson for most-guested musical act? Spacetones, The Seed, etc., we’re talking to you!

In case you missed it: Jeremy Larson with Mute Math on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

January 19, 2009

Can’t believe we almost forgot this. While we were out looking into the latest stop on our Forgotten Venues Tour last Thursday night, local singer-songwriter Jeremy Larson stepped on the Tonight Show stage with semi-local band Mute Math for a performance of “Spotlight” from the Twilight soundtrack. In case you missed it like we did, here’s the vid, courtesy of YouTube. Ah, The Internets…

REMINDER: Jeremy Larson performing with MuteMath on Tonight Show w/Jay Leno Thurs (1/15)

January 14, 2009


Just a reminder to tune in. Details one our previous post…here.

Jeremy Larson to perform with MuteMath on Jay Leno

January 6, 2009


Local solo singer/songwriter, Jeremy Larson is gearing up to perform with MuteMath on an upcoming episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. According to his latest blog… (more…)

Jeremy Larson’s Salvation Club–the correct version–finally for sale

December 11, 2008
Don't call it a comeback. It's been here for weeks... sorta.

Don't call it a comeback. It's been here for weeks... sorta.

Talk about an anticlimax. After the painstaking preparation in recording and the delirious good time at the CD release show at Randy Bacon Photography Studio & Gallery, Larson’s new album, Salvation Club, was shelved when Larson discovered the album art did not give the correct track listing. We’ve received word that the problem is corrected, the albums with the fixed artwork arrived and Salvation Club is once again ready for purchase. You can purchase online by pressing down on that clicking thing right here. Of course, don’t forget that if you’ve already purchased a copy of the album you can bring it and the coupon attached to the back to exchange for the new shipment with proper artwork. Coupons rule!

First Ever “FourFourFest” Saturday, November 15. 45 Bands at 9 Venues!

November 3, 2008


We’re throwin’ a party and everyone’s invited! 45 bands at 9 venues…only $10!


Jeremy Larson’s album release POSTPONED: The Full Story

October 30, 2008

Unfortunately, if you weren’t at Randy Bacon Photography Studio & Art Gallery Tuesday night, you will now have to wait as long as a month or more to get your hands on a copy of Jeremy Larson‘s new album, Salvation Club. Read why after the break.


Album Review: Salvation Club, by Jeremy Larson

October 29, 2008

Few, if any, artists in local music write for resonance the way Jeremy Larson does. From soaring choruses to lush, multilayered instrumentation–all played by Larson himself–to lyrical content, every song comes across as a scrapbook page from a man keenly aware of life’s impermanence. Larson’s first album, Jeremy Larson, expressed the wistful side of that awareness more often than not. With Salvation Club, Larson has retained every trademark of his writing and performance style while creating a work of broader emotional range.


Z106.7’s Rock Talk, featuring Jeremy Larson, Erik McGreevy and Mike Reid (and co-hosted by two drunk idiots)

October 27, 2008

Good Lord, last night’s Rock Talk was a blast. I have to say it’s the best Rock Talk we’ve ever done.

Um, DeRosh… haven’t you only done three episodes? And Scott something like four? Are you really saying much there?

(Cue DeRosh “Indignant Face/Declarative Sentence Combo #531. And… engage!)

Yes, dammit, I am! Jeremy Larson took time on his birthday (happy 27th again, Jeremy) to come down and talk to us about his new album, Salvation Club, the CD release party at Randy Bacon Gallery tomorrow night and to preview some tracks. If you hear three better local songs this year, I want copies of them. Seriously. Plus under-the-radar solo artists Erik McGreevy and Mike Reid came out of hiding to talk about their collabo project and their upcoming set at Four Four Fest November 15th. (Yes, that’s a plug. No, we have no shame.) Oh, and there was whiskey involved. Mayhem ensued… and you can hear it all after the break.


Jeremy Larson completes his latest album

August 22, 2008

Jeremy Larson

Jeremy Larson has a new album coming out soon. What we’ve heard so far is absolutely some of the highest caliber music to come out of Springfield in some time.

For those that aren’t familiar, Jeremy has a rather artistic feel (think Bjork meets Radiohead meets The Flaming Lips meets Sigur Ros). Now that’s it’s done…he needs your help. Read on…