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The Show Report, 8/14: The Shin Kickers return

August 14, 2009

Tonight brings us the second helping of local Social Distortion tribute group The Shin Kickers, playing Lindberg’s in all their punk-meets-greaser glory. Their first appearance was to a packed room of onlookers in the spring as they played Social D’s live album Live at the Roxy, but tonight the band will take on a set list made up of the group’s latter-day material. We’re betting it includes this classic, plus more than a few other tunes instantly recognizable to fans.

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More info on Bloody Battle of the Bands 8/6

June 17, 2009
So as soon as you're done you give me a ballot and I can go vote for Vampire Weekend, right? ...what do you mean they're not playing? Shit... I need a cookie.

So as soon as you're done you give me a ballot and I can go vote for Vampire Weekend, right? ...what do you mean they're not playing? Damn... I need a cookie.

The call is out to high school bands in Springfield and surrounding areas to participate in a most unusual event. You may recall a previous post where we told you about the upcoming Bloody Battle of the Bands at Remmingtons Southside, in which the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks has high-school bands compete in 20-minute sets from 3 to 9 p.m. for a prize package including eight hours of free recording time at Studio 2100. To vote for bands, those in attendance donate a pint of blood in exchange for a ballot. Cool idea, eh? Well, we officially got the APB from the CBCO’s Jeff Houghton: High-school bands interested in playing can contact him at to register or for more information. For eight hours of time in one of the city’s elite studios, plus a whole lot more–additional prizes are still being worked out at this time–it seems like very worthy use of a young band’s time. Additionally, high-school-age bands tend to carry devoted fanbases, so attendance (and, therefore, donations) should hopefully be strong. Did we mention it’s a big local show in the middle of summer?! Lots of intrigue all around. Let the bloody battle begin.

Bloody Battle of the Bands coming to Remington’s August 6

May 27, 2009

What’s going on, DeRosh? They’re allowing bloodsports at Remington’s now?! I thought that was owned by a church! What next?¬†Is Jean-Claude Van Damme flying in for it?!

No, but what a great emcee idea… anyway, no, they’re not bringing kickboxing to Remington’s Southside, but rather an innovative approach¬†for a local battle of the bands in the name of a good cause. We’ve got details after the break.


TOMORROW: Prepare to be Mystery Hour-ed

April 2, 2009


Can an improv-comedy talk show become a verb? You know what? We don’t care. We’re making it so. Jeff Houghton’s monthly comedic showcase at The Skinny Improv impacts the funny bone with the force of something involving strong verb-like wording, but in spite of how much we laugh the comedy isn’t our favorite part. It’s the live musical guests, of course. This month’s show, coming up tomorrow night, is another great one, and we’ve got the lineup–including musical guest–after the break.


This week on The Mystery Hour: Jeremy Larson

March 11, 2009

You know how Saturday Night Live has certain hosts and guests that are staff and crowd favorites, the ones who come back six or eight times? Yeah, people such as Steve Martin, John Goodman, etc. Jeremy Larson is sort of the musical-guest equivalent of these for Jeff Houghton’s improv-meets-talk-show The Mystery Hour; this Friday marks Larson’s third appearance on the show, a record among musical guests. The last time any of us saw Larson perform on a talk show was The Tonight Show a few weeks ago with Mute Math; it’s nice to see the home peeps get the next spot in line. The show will also include Dave Coonrod and Rob Evans of Ozarks Fox. It starts at 10 p.m. at The Skinny Improv theater and costs $5 to attend.

So, our question is: Who among past Mystery Hour musical guests is going to challenge Larson for most-guested musical act? Spacetones, The Seed, etc., we’re talking to you!