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Can’t Stop the Flow: Roots Of Mankind singer working on hip hop record

June 26, 2009
Yo, man! I heard you was workin' on some new stuff, man. You need a hype man, you give me a call. I'm done with TV and I got some time, you know? I've worked with one of the best in the biz, my man Ch--yo, Chuck, where'd you GO, man?!

Yo, man! I heard you was workin' on some new stuff, man. You need a hype man, you give me a call. I'm done with TV and I got some time, you know? I've worked with one of the best in the biz, my man Ch--yo, Chuck, where'd you GO, man?!

We’ve known for some time now that Roots Of Mankind singer Jason Nunn likes a little hip hop flava in his reggae-song lyrical delivery, and we were never more sure than after he and his bandmates did a little freestyling and beatboxing during last Sunday’s episode of Rock Talk. Now we know just how serious he is about it. Nunn wrote in to tell us he is currently at work on a hip-hop side project with LemonDrop Records DJ/producer The Arkitect (formerly known as Nocturnal Doses), who has previously worked on tracks for The Spacetones. There is no announced timetable for completion, but hopefully it will see the light of day soon.

AcuMen–with 50% more Men–tomorrow night

May 20, 2009
From left: The Mayor, the apparition known as KG and Tang451

From left: The Mayor, the apparition known as KG and Tang451

It’s not often we get word of developments with local hip hop group AcuMen. Though it is now arguably Springfield’s longest-active hip hop group, Tang 451 (aka Allen Vaughan) and The Mayor (aka Brett Johnston) keep a decidedly low profile these days thanks to family and work obligations. For longtime fans of the group, however, there is just such news: The group returns to its old days as a threesome tomorrow night at The Tipsy Turtle Pub when former member KG (aka Kyle Green) returns from Florida for his first performance with the group in about a year. The scheduled opening act is longtime friend of the group and standup comedian Merr. It all gets rolling at about 10 p.m.

And they said it would never happen again: AcuCobbler show Friday

May 7, 2009

acumenThere are those pairings among bands that are rare and yet perfect, where two acts from different sides of the Springfield Music Scene team up for a unique and thoroughly entertaining show. One of the more unusual examples was the marriage of local hip hop group AcuMen with the two-cobblerman acoustic-metal comedy band Whoreberry Cobbler, a combo show not seen in two years… until now. 

The two acts finally reunite on a stage–and by “stage” we mean “floorspace”–in familiar confines, the building where most of the previous shows took place: The Tipsy Turtle Pub, known then as the original Bugsy Malone’s. Not only is this the first show the two groups have played together in two years, but it’s one of the very few times–perhaps the only time–Cobbler has performed since FourFourFest in November. A truly entertaining show will ensue tomorrow night, and it should get started between 9 and 10 p.m.

What the f*** is a sativa convention?

April 8, 2009

sativa1Don’t get us wrong; we know it has something to do with marijuana. After all, the Sativa Convention concert is scheduled for April 20–4-20, the number combination usually associated with smoking marijuana–but we didn’t get the specific reference. We are ignorant no longer: sativa is the second word in cannabis sativa, the scientific name for the plant from which marijuana is taken. It’s a clever reference, to be sure, although the word convention still makes us think of a hotel ballroom full of finance-company employees with name tags discussing this year’s updated tax bylaws. Good times. The show really should be a good time, though–hopefully name-tag-free–and we’ll give you the rundown on the other side of the link.


SincerlyYours mixtape on the way

April 7, 2009

sincerelyyoursIt could safely be said that local-by-way-of-Chicago hip hop artist SincerelyYours has performed more and recorded less since the Real Rhymers Camp spread out across the Midwest a couple of years ago. He was known as BriefListen then, but with a new name comes a new approach to doing things, and the new material is coming. In recent months SincerelyYours has been working more with the team behind LemonDrop Records act The Spacetones, and some of that work is beginning to bear fruit. We’re told by LemonDrop co-chief Charlie Rosenbury that he’s been in the studio recently recording SincerelyYours’s rhymes for an upcoming mixtape. No word on the number of tracks, but we’re told it’s a freshening of material the rapper has had around for some time. The completed work will hopefully see the light of day this summer.

More new music: “Certified,” by Wicked Waves ft. J-Kiellz

March 27, 2009

Our local hip hop scene continues to grow and evolve, and the latest name to appear on our radar is Houston, TX transplant Wicked Waves. The group just released a new song today with special guest J-Kiellz, titled “Certified,” ahead of its show April 20 at The Outland Ballroom. You can check it out on the group’s MySpace page.

New music by SincerelyYours

March 23, 2009

sincerelyyoursIt’s been a while since we got the chance to mention new tracks posted by an artist, and this seems as good a time as any. Local hip hop ace SincerelyYours just put up several new tracks on his MySpace page, including two with collaborator Addie. All four tracks are hot, and not the sort of hip hop you’ll hear on radio. Hop over and give one of Springfield’s finest some love.

Sylabol7 album out by early March; tour coming, too

February 10, 2009

sylbugsysYou may recall a previous post about local hip hop artist Sylabol7 delaying the release of his new record, Seems Yesterday Lives, in order to add two new tracks he had just received beats for. The latest from Sylabol7 is that the album is now slated for 18-19 tracks and will be ready and released in time for his tour with fellow Real Rhymers Camp member Les Izmore in early March. The record will be released independently, and possibly as a package deal with a beats record by DJ Nick Fury. Whether released on its own or as part of a combo, Sylabol7 says he wants half of the album’s proceeds to go to the family of Killuh E, a longtime friend who died November 13. We’ll post more release details as soon as they’re available.

Sylabol7 album release date moved back

January 13, 2009

It looks as though fans will have to wait a little longer to hear the latest from one of Springfield hip hop’s leading lights. Sylabol7, whom some may remember as a member of local hip hop collaborative group Real Rhymers Camp, is moving back the release of his new album, Seems Yesterday Lives, from its original date of January 27. There’s a good reason, though, which you can read about after the break.


New Sylabol 7 album coming in January

December 6, 2008

From the shadows, he emerges...

From the shadows, he emerges...

We had a rare but welcome sighting recently: Sylabol 7, who informed us his new album will be ready to drop on January 27. The new CD, titled Seems Yesterday Lives, will have 19 tracks, a host of top-shelf guest perofrmers and producers, turntable work by DJ Nick Fury and more. Everything you could want to know comes after the break.


From Germany With Love: Local hip hop artist JL launches

December 2, 2008

Hip hop is a genre of music where marketing matters arguably as much as ability, and in the 21st Century if you’re not online you’re simply not marketing. In an effort to get a leg up on some of his contemporaries, local German-born artist (and FourFourFest performer, if you remember him from his performance during the epic High Life show) JL launched a new website last week, The site lists all the to-be-expected items such as bio, pics, upcoming shows and a store to buy his albums, including his latest, Grind Time. The site also offers info about JL’s interview tomorrow night on Missouri State University’s online radio station, The Growl. More good stuff on the way, too, such as videos. Let the hip hop e-battle begin.

Review: “Moon Tunes,” by the Spacetones

July 18, 2008

Success in hip hop is like balancing a pin on its head–the slightest miscalculation can send everything down the slippery slope to flopdom. As a result, the most common course to take is one that requires no calculations at all; just copy what someone else successfully did and watch your own pin stand up, too, albeit for less time than the original. Then there are those delightful mavericks who don’t care if the pin stands up at all, since they’ve already bent it into a pretty shape of their own and it looks just fine laying down, thank you. Consider the Spacetones members of the latter group.