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The Show Report, 5/8: Word to your moms. This weekend came to drop bombs.

May 8, 2009

tn_strangelove 03

This week has already been absolutely absurd. We’ve already had SOJA and Girl Talk in Springfield, and now the weekend arrives with more concerts than one person can possibly take in. Your local clubs, concert promoters, radio stations and onstage talents are out to blow your mind these next two days, and they’re bringing the big, mean warheads to do it. The only thing missing is Slim Pickens riding them on the way down. It’s a preponderance of shows so enormous our own Scott P. has coined the phrase “South By Southwest Missouri” in its honor. Call it SXSWMO for short. Your latest installment of shows awaits you after the break.


The Show Report, 5/5: Best. Tuesday. Ever.

May 5, 2009

Girl Talk

Tonight brings two artists to Springfield performing here for the first time, both extremely popular in genres that are anything but mainstream. Springfield is on the cutting edge of music culture… on a Tuesday. Forget sombreros, margaritas or any of that Cinco de Mayo stuff. Here’s where the parties are at tonight:


Once more, for Grant

April 22, 2009

grantGrant Maledy, saxophonist for Greene Coast and The Springfield Jazz Collective as well as being one of the scene’s longest-running and most prolific collaborators, is moving to Kansas City in early summer to prepare for new full-time job in teaching. However, the bands and friends he’s collaborated with apparently aren’t letting him slip away quietly.


Springfield’s “Greens” Club? Nathan P. Murphy’s to host Earth Day megaparty

April 7, 2009

Nathan P. Murphy’s, which has long referred to itself as “Springfield’s Blues Club,” is about to have a massive case of the “greens.” The club is planning a huge party for Earth Day (April 22), helping people learn how to live “green” while listening to “green” bands. We’ll explain more after you do some clicking below.


Live @ FourFourFest: Greene Coast finally releases the tracks

March 31, 2009

greenecoastWe’ve been hearing about Greene Coast‘s live set at FourFourFest ever since it happened; that was four and a half months ago. Now, after some wrangling, the progressive-jam ensemble has finally released the tracks for public consumption. We’re pretty stoked, and not just because we helped make it happen. More after the break.


Super Photo Post! Short Histories of The First Teenager who’s Pilot Whale is Like The Spider from a Greene Coast with Bottlefish where Matt Stell and Yeltsin were Dreaming of Tony Danza Tapdancing in a Dirty Old Towne with a Trust Company named Ha Ha Tonka

March 18, 2009

Now that’s the longest title ever, beating my previous record last week. That should give you the text preview.

For a quick image preview, click through and see the other half of this post…or hit our Flickr and take a look at all the photos.


It’s a local-music vlog

December 18, 2008

videoiconWe don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there has been a proliferation of videos coming from the local music scene lately. Promo videos for albums, single-song music videos… all covered. Being the fans of eye candy that we are, we’ve stockpiled those we can (sadly, we can’t embed MySpace TV vids) and are passing along the digital-vid goodness on to you. Think of it as FourFourTube. Click through and prepare to vege.


UPDATED: The “green” in “green room” is NOT for envy

December 14, 2008

***UPDATE: John Paul’s guitar was found at Gold Digger Pawn on West Kearney Street earlier today. For musicians reading this, take note: It is EXTREMELY important to report stolen equipment to the police immediately, as police reports are faxed to every pawn shop in the city.***

Add this to the list of stupid things that happen at shows and shouldn’t: John Paul Chapman’s Taylor guitar (the acoustic he played onstage during the show) was stolen from the green room at the Outland Ballroom Friday night following Greene Coast’s CD release party. If anyone has any leads as to the guitar’s whereabouts, please contact the band here or here with information.

We post this not so much as a service–we want to help, naturally, but posting every stolen-equipment event would get out of hand–but to point out the prevalence and absurdity of the problem.


Album Review: Journal, by Greene Coast

November 24, 2008

“Jazz Fusion” might be the most poorly implemented description in the modern music lexicon. Okay, so it takes elements of jazz and fuses them… with something. Fused with what, exactly?! The phrase suggests a sort of violent stylistic marriage, as though jazz were combined with other musical genres through a series of hideous spot welds and the liberal use of black electrical tape. Greene Coast’s approach is smoother and more inviting to the listener, avoiding the musical elitism that so often results from fusion groups. Instead, the band takes elements of jazz and strategically blends it in a recipe of pop-ready jam-band music to create the eleven tracks on Journal.

Wait, poppy, sorta-jazzy jam-band music? Rest assured, this isn’t Dave Matthews Band; rather, it’s more of an evolution of ’70s instrument-ensemble bands such as Steely Dan and Chicago Transit Authority–before they became Chicago and dumbed their sound down a bit for mass consumption.


First Ever “FourFourFest” Saturday, November 15. 45 Bands at 9 Venues!

November 3, 2008


We’re throwin’ a party and everyone’s invited! 45 bands at 9 venues…only $10!