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Springfield Music Scene, this could be your album

August 25, 2009
Cory King

Cory King

We’ve seen ensemble casts in movies, even the occasional ensemble song, and there are certainly some smaller ensembles out there that made albums… but what about a local ensemble? Cory King, guitarist for The First Teenager Ever and Sunrise Cassette in addition to doing solo work, began work on an album project a few weeks ago and wants to expand his list of collaborators… to as much of the local scene as possible.


The Show Report, 8/13: Off by one day…

August 13, 2009

We narrowly avoided that most dreaded of regularly occurring bad omens: Friday the 13th. Today is Thursday, the 13th of August, putting the curse off course and allowing us to enjoy a broad spectrum of shows free of worry.

We don’t pay attention to that s*** anyway, DeRosh.

Oh, well, neither do I. Who cares if it’s a full moon out? That stuff is for dorks with nothing better to do anyway. (Hides dreamcatcher.) It’s kind of like reading your horoscope, know what I mean? It’s all fake, made-up mumbo-jumbo to get people to spend money and live in fear. (Removes pins from voodoo doll.) What matters tonight is the music anyway, and if you’re looking for some you’re in luck. Peep the lineup after the break.


Rock Talk 8/9 with The Archimedian Point and The First Teenager Ever

August 11, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1Sunday Night’s Rock Talk on Z 106.7 featured not one but two live in-studio performances, one an intriguing guitar-and-drum combo from The Archimedian Point and the other an unusual show by melodic indie-rockers The First Teenager Ever featuring a slew of interesting percussion devices such as paint cans, wood sticks and more. If you’re a fan of Rock Talk’s guests breaking the instruments out and showing you what they can do right over the radio waves, this is a good show to check out. We also look ahead to some of August’s big upcoming live-music events during Four from The FourFour. After the break, it is so on.


Glass Bottom Boat Ride taken off of SHOPN CD release show lineup

June 10, 2009

The concert countdown is in full swing for The Short Histories of Powerful Nations‘ CD release concert at The Warehouse Friday, June 19, but just as soon as the full band lineup–SHOPN, Falcon Punch, Colorado group runfasterscared, Jazzercise and Glass Bottom Boat Ride–was announced, things hit a snag. Scheduling conflicts (damn jobs) will prevent GBBR from being able to play at the show, after all, and an attempt to substitute The First Teenager Ever on the bill fizzled as well. The show is still a little more than a week away, so there remains a possibility of seeing another act added to the concert in time to be ready, but the odds get longer with each passing day. Still, the four-band lineup in place is a pretty killer show. We’ll keep you posted on any new developments.

The Show Report, 6/6: Rock it darkly

June 6, 2009

Tonight continues the debut weekend of the long-awaited semi-local rock group Matthew Darkly, a collaborative project between Rugs singer Matt Dampier and guitarist Eric Schuchmann. Also on the bill are Pilot Whale and The First Teenager Ever, all at Lindberg’s. You’ve been hearing the singles and EPs at the Moodring Records website for some time now; if you misssed the group’s first-ever show at Patton Alley Pub, now is your second chance.

Also playing tonight:


UPDATED 6/9: GBBR no longer added, First Teenager Ever added to SHOPN CD release lineup

June 5, 2009

shopnflyer2As we announced earlier this week, The Short Histories of Powerful Nations is readying a CD release show at The Warehouse (728 W. Wall St.) in a couple of weeks–Friday, June 19, to be exact. Even at the time of the initial announcement we were warned of the possibility of more surprises in store. Today comes the news that Glass Botton Boat Ride is now off the show and The First Teenager Ever will be joining the already-announced lineup of SHOPN, Falcon Punch, runfasterscared and Jazzercise. It’s a tough group of bands to match for intensity, to be sure, but The First Teenager Ever should be up to the challenge. Keep an eye out for more details as they come in.

***UPDATED*** The Show Report, 5/15: Know that we have always been down, down

May 15, 2009

311If watching GWAR ravage Remmingtons Downtown wasn’t enough of a blast from the past for local showgoers, tonight’s follow-up raises the bar another notch. 311 takes over The Shrine Mosque with opening act Full Service starting at 8 p.m. We’re prepared to party like it’s 1995 all over again. (Or choose your year of preference from the mid-’90s/late ’90s/early ’00s to party like.) With an early start time, you can hit this show as the starting point to your night, too, which leaves time to get to tonight’s other events:


The Show Report, 5/7: The precursor…

May 7, 2009

…to an epic weekend. There’s a wide variety of shows going on tonight, a perfection introduction to the absurd overflow of music entering our midst this weekend. Here’s what we’ve been able to track down tonight:

* The First Teenager Ever, Ghost Dance and Todd Balisle at Lindberg’s. It’s not often we get a show from these three artists that doesn’t involve a house party or Warehouse show. 

* The Detectives at The Outland. Bring your dancin’ shoes for the latest installment in this weekly tradition.

* 75/40 Connection and Triple Nittie at The Outland Ballroom. Hip hop returns to the Ballroom with some enthusiastic relative newcomers to the scene.

* Capt’n. Black’s Sea Dogges at The High Life Live Martini Lounge. A pirate band? Seriously?! YES!

* Black Suede and Ridge Water at Nathan P. Murphy’s. If you haven’t heard Black Suede guitarist Bobby Gardner, you’re missing one of the local blues scene’s young guns at work. 

* Art Bentley at Roadhouse Saloon

* Gas Pump Talent at Ebbets Field

Super Photo Post! Short Histories of The First Teenager who’s Pilot Whale is Like The Spider from a Greene Coast with Bottlefish where Matt Stell and Yeltsin were Dreaming of Tony Danza Tapdancing in a Dirty Old Towne with a Trust Company named Ha Ha Tonka

March 18, 2009

Now that’s the longest title ever, beating my previous record last week. That should give you the text preview.

For a quick image preview, click through and see the other half of this post…or hit our Flickr and take a look at all the photos.


Celebrate St. Pat’s “Underground” style with a warehouse show

March 17, 2009

march17Yeah, you read that right…a warehouse show. Pretty badass, we know, we’re gonna be there to get our cheap St. Patty’s day on.

It is always good to hear from the guys in Short Histories of Powerful Nations, especially if you get to see them live. We posted about tonight’s show last week (see it here). But for a quick rundown of who is playing and where, click through…