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May 30, 2009

That large, loud statement has been part of The Filthy Thirds‘ MySpace page for a long time now, and tonight seems appropriate for it. It’s the band’s final show ever, playing at Lindberg’s, and only fellow metalheads–chances are if you follow the Thirds you are one–need apply. CDs chronicling the band’s recorded output, dating back to the very beginning, will be available at the show FOR FREE with paid admission. Do not miss the last chance to ever rock out with Trent, Mike, Nate, Donnie and Toad onstage. Elsewhere you’ll also find: 

* Cooter Brown and Holstein at The Outland

* Knife*Death at The High Life Live Martini Lounge

* Brian Lumley & Red Dirt Underground and Matt Stell & The Crashers at The Outland Ballroom

* The Domino Kings at Patton Alley Pub

* Five Cells Open and Melissa Harper at Nathan P. Murphy’s

* Trash Angels at Roadhouse Saloon

* Katie Tow and The Clip-Ons at The Front Porch

The Filthy Thirds’ Stone Dead, now on Moodring Records

May 26, 2009

TFT-stone-deadLater this week, local British-wave-inspired metal act The Filthy Thirds will celebrate its last hurrah with one last performance at Lindberg’s on Commercial Street. As one more “thank you” to fans–or as a primer for the uninitiated, depending on how you look at it–the band’s album Stone Dead is now available for FREE download in its entirety on Moodring Records’ website, which you can reach by clicking on the link. Of course, for those feeling a little lazier the album (or just individual songs)–can be streamed from the site as well. Since we have doubts that the album will ever see another pressing, though, we suggest downloading. After that, you have just four days of thrash practice before the real thing May 30. Be ready.

Official word from The Filthy Thirds

April 6, 2009

We promised to follow up on The Filthy Thirds‘ announcement of its final show at Lindberg’s on May 30, and singer Trent Wilson was quick to oblige. Wilson sent us a lengthy explanation of his decision that is well worth a read, so we’ve published it in its entirety after the break.


Announced onstage: The Filthy Thirds to play final show 5/30

April 6, 2009

thefilthythirdsWe weren’t able to make it to Lindberg’s ourselves for Saturday night’s Filthy Thirds/Ladykillers show, but we were told by Dirty Blondes bassist Nathan Mattney (whose band did not play that night due to a schedule conflict) that the longtime metal act announced onstage during its set that its final concert would be May 30 at Lindberg’s. We have yet to hear an explanation as to why, and Thirds singer Trent Wilson made no mention of the band’s departure during his interview with Kurtzender on last week’s FourFour Show. We’ll get you more details when we can.

Cropdusters video, featuring every motherf***er you’ve ever heard of.

February 3, 2009

Fuck the Cropdusters.” An all-star cast of local music names and faces parades through this three-minute video to say exactly that. As you might imagine, it’s not safe for work, although if you can get away with it we highly recommend a watch. Filthy Thirds singer Trent Wilson’s part alone is worth it. Plus a cameo appearance by Mark Bilyeu? Awesome!

Oh, yeah, and the Cropdusters show is this Friday at the newly reopened Lindberg’s at 9 p.m. Five bucks gets you in, six more bucks gets you a CD. But who cares, cause, you know, fuck ’em.

First Ever “FourFourFest” Saturday, November 15. 45 Bands at 9 Venues!

November 3, 2008


We’re throwin’ a party and everyone’s invited! 45 bands at 9 venues…only $10!



August 23, 2008

That’s the headline on The Filthy Thirds’ Myspace, and yup…pretty much sums up what’s going down tonight. 

We recently reviewed the brand new Filthy Thirds’ album being release tonight, “Stone Dead” (read the review here). This is the most aggressive, loud and guitar-driven rock/metal to hit Springfield in some time. Think Danzig killed and ate Motorhead and Manowar and AC/DC. What Danzig would shit out would pretty much be The Filthy Thirds. You heard me, and they are DAMN GOOD at it! Find out where the slaughter is going down…


It’s Reunion Time!

August 7, 2008

A one-night-only get-together headlines tonight’s rundown of shows. Check it out.


The Ladykillers break up

August 5, 2008

We were researching another post entirely and came across this saddening news: After seven years of service to the Springfield Music Scene, The Ladykillers are no more. No official announcement as to why, just a date of passing on the band’s MySpace page: July 19. Some members of the band, past and present, will reunite with their previous group, The Filthy Thirds, for a reunion show for that band’s original lineup Thursday night at 9:30. Beyond, that, however, we await news on the next step. We can only hope there is one.

Review: Stone Dead, by the Filthy Thirds

July 17, 2008

Sounding equal parts Lemmy Kilmister and James Hetfield (with an occasional touch of Suicidal Tendencies’ Mike Muir), Filthy Thirds singer Trent Wilson launches his band into “Turn Me Into Stone,” the first of Stone Dead‘s ten Satan-and-death-obsessed tracks. Click the link to read the rest. (Metal-lovers, you won’t be dissapointed!)