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The Show Report, 8/20: A Fond Farewell by any other name…

August 20, 2009

Imagine this scenario: You’re in a band (woo!), you record your debut album in a day at a very good studio (damn we’re efficient!) and even send it out for some early reviews (free publicity rules!). From there, all hell breaks loose. You discover your band name is shared with another band… in Germany (seriously?!), and that said band just signed a record deal and wants you to vacate its band name (sigh). Then you run into glitches (i.e. money crunch) in the CD release process, meaning the record you recorded in a day took longer to get to the public than some other bands take to record and release theirs (good grief). Such is the plight of Sunrise Cassette, formerly known as A Fond Farewell and presently releasing its album Deal With It with a concert at Nathan P. Murphy’s tonight with openers Anthony Narvaez, Busted Kid and My Politic. Hopefully that puts an end to the twists and turns for a while, though it’s been a mini-soap opera in the meantime, even if it didn’t have brain tumors, evil twins or any of this.  

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Local punk’s riot grrrrls: Meet The Faceshots

February 3, 2009

One of the many reasons we keep a perpetual soft spot for punk rock is its never-ending desire to make society uncomfortable. Need a taboo broken? Punk rock will go there, take pictures and then flip you off for not coming along for the ride. It’s in that spirit that we present to you The Faceshots, Springfield’s only (known) all-girl punk band and the latest punk act to beat its audience over the head with the sexual innuendo stick. Founded by former Adrenals and current Spites/Rats/sometimes-Dishwashers bassist Christine Gaisser, the group picks up where bands such as this semi-famous progenitor left off. If you want to catch them live, you’ll only have to wait until Punk Rock Wednesday February 25 to do so; they’ll be sharing the stage that night with Pit42, The Dead Aheads, Turdpee and That’s Enough for their debut show. Keep the name jokes to a maximum for them, would you?