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METAL FOR YOUR FACE! Huge metal shows coming to town

July 27, 2009


If July wasn’t enough, there’s more. Local promoters and bringing the metal to you like never before. I remember a time when getting one or two good shows a month was a good month, but now its at least 2 great touring acts a week (it seems) and some weeks more (yeah, like 4 or 5 like last week). Well there’s more. Quite a few HUGE names in metal coming to town. Click through for all the info…


The Handshake Murders added to Parkway Drive show April 17

February 3, 2009

handshakemurdersWe were warned when Forever Endeavor Productions’ Parkway Drive show was initially announced that the last slot on the lineup may not get to go to a local act. Sadly, that fear came true. Booking agents gave the spot to Fayetteville hardcore metal act The Handshake Murders, officially closing the door on putting a Springfield band in front of a potentially huge and fanatical crowd.

Okay, enough bellyaching. It’s silver lining time: (more…)

Super Media Update – Tons of Photos and Vids Uploaded

January 26, 2009

Visit those links on the right to see a TON of photos from recent shows including Unearth, Emmure, Impending Doom, Disturbed, Dirty Old Towne, Trash Angels, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Mark Chapman Band, BringYourGreenHat, The Shotgun Brothers, and Levee. Previews and more after the jump.

TONIGHT! Unearth, Emmure, Born of Osiris and Impending Doom at Remmington’s Downtown

January 16, 2009


You heard right, Forever Endeavor Productions and UpToEleven Productions proudly present Unearth with Emmure, Born of Osiris and Impending Doom at Remmington’s Downtown. Get there early and be ready!