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The Show Report, 7/24: The Double-Whammy

July 24, 2009

We don’t envy The Outland Ballroom’s crew tonight. Okay, maybe we do a little. They’ll be called upon to preside over two big-drawing shows, which would exhaust just about everyone except maybe this little guy. On the plus side, they’ve got a front-row seat for Boba Flex, The Dogs Divine, Six Shots Till Dawn and Adara early and Spookie Daly Pride, Roots Of Mankind and BringYourGreenHat late. Not a bad night’s work by any measure. You’ll want to be at the Ballroom at 5 p.m. for doors to the early show and at 9 p.m. for doors to the late show… unless, of course, you’re part of the staff, in which you’re probably already there and settled in for a long, huge night.

If a marathon night of music isn’t to your liking, perhaps one of these shows will tickle your fancy:


The Show Report, 6/20: Tonight, we ride!

June 20, 2009

Big Mike Griffin

Tonight’s concert lineup includes a nationally touring act coming to Nathan P. Murphy’s with an affinity for two-wheeled transportation in addition to considerable guitar-playing chops. Big Mike Griffin rolls into Springfield–on a tour bus, in this case, though we suspect the motorcycle custom-built for his almost-seven-foot frame is somewhere in tow–to play the local blues club with opening act Classic Reunion in the latest of Murphys’ Hot Rock & Blues summer concert series.


* Speaking of summer concert series, Sounds on the Square resumes on Park Central Square with Nathaniel Carroll (7 p.m.) and Tony Menown and The Expectations (8 p.m.). All shows are FREE and family friendly.

* Cooter Brown at The Outland

* NORML Benefit Show at The Blue Room at Billiards of Springfield

* Roots Of Mankind, The Spacetones and Phases at The Outland Ballroom

* EgoMagnet at The High Life Live Martini Lounge

* Trash Angels at Whiskey Holler

* ’90s Night at Lindberg’s with Teen Spirit

The Show Report, 5/21: Alphabet soup, revised

May 21, 2009

alpha_soupWhy alphabet soup, DeRosh? You got something against Alpha-Bits?! You’re so prejudiced…

Well, whether you prefer your food that makes you spell things in breakfast or dinner form, there’s no disputing the number of consonants being tossed around in tonight’s shows. KG (of Acumen) and DJ P (of DJ P) are back in action tonight–one for tonight only, the other every Thursday–and we’re feeling a bit nostalgic as a result. And what’s more nostalgic than food you look forward to playing with more than eating?

We’ll do nothing but look ahead–as far as tonight, anyway–after the break.


Second Annual Chill Fest coming September 19

May 13, 2009

theseedWhen The Seed throws a party, it doesn’t do so half-heartedly. It’s CD release concert was a monster, and now the plans emerge for the group’s second annual Chill Fest reggae music festival coming in September. Chill Fest’s second year will showcase a stellar collection of local reggae acts, take place at an intriguing new location (for it, anyway) and be all ages, too. We’ll tell you more after the break.


Egomagnet cancels QCS (Borders) show due to car accident

February 20, 2009

Brandon Hilt of Egomagnet

One of Springfield’s top up-and-coming jam rock bands, Egomagnet was slated to play Borders last night (2/19/09) as part of the awesomely successful Queen City Shout concert series put on by local veteran Eddie Gumucio at Border’s Bookstore. Well, they didn’t—and for good reason.


Birthday Gift For Bob: EgoMagnet to release album Feb. 6

January 13, 2009

recordingBob Marley’s birthday is still a heavily celebrated occasion in some circles, none moreso than among the reggae and jam bands he helped inspire to make music. So it’s fitting that the February 6 concert for his birthday produces some special surprises. The momentary return of Jah Roots from hiatus is already documented, but there’s another present on the way: a completed recording from EgoMagnet.


Happy Birthday, Bob: Marley birthday concert lineup announced

December 16, 2008

bobmarley11x17hiresoooLots of people celebrate the man, but few that we know celebrate Bob Marley to the degree of observing his birthday. (Which is February 6, by the way.) So on the day Marley would have turned 64, Springfield will host a concert in his honor with performances by local reggae institution Jah Roots and up-and-comers Jam Room, EgoMagnet and Roots of Mankind.

The show, to be held at Remmington’s Downtown, will require a $10 cover to get in but should be more that worth the cost of entry. The show marks a surprising break from Jah Roots’s hiatus from live performance until next spring. It’s also another chance to see Jam Room perform with its new bassist, Lee Goolsby (also of Roots of Mankind, and quite good). Most importantly, it’s a chance to celebrate Bob Marley, the indisputable face of reggae since his death in 1981. We hope to hear at least a few covers in tribute.