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The Show Report, 8/19: Red Collar night is finally here

August 19, 2009

Tonight brings to Springfield a show several weeks in the making, and it’s a feel-good feather in the city’s musical cap to boot. It’s story time: A few weeks ago we received an email from North Carolina-based rock group Red Collar, a talented young band with the good fortune to have already played shows opening for acts such as The Gaslight Anthem, Riverboat Gamblers, …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead and more… and they just released their first album, Pilgrim. They had the bad fortune of having a show date fall through between their Little Rock and St. Louis dates, and they wanted to put something together in Springfield. We put out the APB with clubs we thought would suit their style, and the band was not only hooked up with a first-time-ever show in Springfield tonight at Lindberg’s, but discussions are underway for another show in town at Nathan P. Murphy’s when the band passes back through. The city’s music venues turned out for the band; hopefully its music heads will, too. Mark Bilyeu will also be putting on his acoustic performance at the bar earlier in the evening, the next-to-last acoustic show Bilyeu currently has booked in the club. Catch both while you can.

Elsewhere in your music scene: 


The Show Report, 7/29: So You Think You Can–nothing. Less dancing, more rocking.

July 29, 2009
Shut up, Mary Murphy. Local music is hijacking your audience tonight. You're riding The Hot Tamale Train solo.

Shut up, Mary Murphy. Local music is hijacking your audience tonight. You're riding The Hot Tamale Train solo.

Let’s level for a minute. We don’t often speak in such tones, but damnit, it’s Wednesday night in the middle of summer and anyone who stays home to watch television instead of hitting up at least one of tonight’s shows ought to be smacked straight out of their barcalounger. Done entirely on the low, Wednesday night has become the go-to night for some of The Springfield Scene’s best talent to corner the market on nightlife. Seriously; give ’em a top hat and a monocle, cuz it’s a Monopoly and they’re taking over like it’s Park Place up in here. You know that night of the week when you can walk into your favorite bar and it’s just you and the other regulars hanging out? Tonight is the night for local music’s regulars, and they’re in rare form, perhaps as rare as they’ve ever been at mid-week. We can’t even begin to tell you here; you’re just gonna have to read after the break. And for God’s sake, TiVo So You Think You Can Dance tonight. We don’t wanna have to get feisty.


The Show Report, 7/9: Blow some candles for Courtney

July 9, 2009
Courtney Love, in one of her better moments. Nothing was beaten, burned, cursed at, urinated on or otherwise damaged or defiled in the making of this photo.

Courtney Love, in one of her better moments. Nothing was beaten, burned, cursed at, urinated on or otherwise damaged or defiled in the making of this photo.

It was brought to our attention earlier today that today is the 45th birthday (yes, you read that correctly) of former (and–maybesoon to be again) Hole frontwoman Courtney Love.

Is Courtney Love from Springfield, DeRosh? I don’t think so. 

Perhaps Ms. Love–or Miss World, if you will–is not herself a native Springfieldian, but any woman with that kind of chutzpah and ability to influence a generations of “riot grrrl” rock chicks is welcome here as far as we’re concerned. Our suggestion: Put on your best baby doll dress, smear lipstick on your face liberally* and head out to some of the following shows:

* We do not necessarily suggest doing this if you’re a guy.


The Show Report, 6/12: Okay, we’ve got two questions…

June 12, 2009

Patton Alley Pub’s schedule for tonight left us with a couple of things we wanted to know:

1. What is a Stringduster?

2. Why, exactly, is it infamous?

We searched for answers for both (no, seriously, wtf is a stringduster) and found answers to none. We need no answers for who The Infamous Stringdusters are, though; the bluegrass hotshots have been collecting awards since their debut. Now Patton, in cooperation with High Strung Music, brings the group to Springfield for a show with opening act Cornmeal. Come with $10 in hand and a strong desire to dance. Elsewhere in the scene tonight:


The Show Report, 6/4: The Storyline continues

June 4, 2009

Like sands through the hourglass… wait, that’s a little too soap-opera for this occasion. It’s a big night for Storyline, but not a night for melodrama. Instead, the local power-pop band plays The Outland Ballroom tonight for its CD release party, along with opening act Escape From Maya. (If you haven’t heard the band’s new EP Welcome Home, by the way, it’s quite the enjoyable listen.) The rest of your live-music Thursday, of course, is after the break.


Viva la coffeehouse show!

May 19, 2009
Okay, not EVERY concert at a coffee shop is awesome. It was all uphill after "Smelly Cat," though, wasn't it?

Okay, not EVERY coffee shop show is awesome. It was all uphill after "Smelly Cat," though, wasn't it?

Playing acoustically in a coffeehouse is a long-running tradition so entrenched in music culture it borders on cliche. But when you think about it, there aren’t actually that many occasions where such shows happen locally; for example, we can recall the Queen City Spotlight shows each Saturday at Borders Books’ coffee shop and occasional shows at Coffee Ethic downtown. Thanks to one local musician’s efforts, there is now another place to add to that small but proud list: Kaldi’s. We’ll explain after the break.


QCS Spotlight calendar keeps growing

April 13, 2009

qcshoutQueen City Shout may have wrapped up its monthlong local-music showcasing last month, but its spirit lives on at Borders Books with the new weekly QCS Spotlight shows. These free, family-friendly concerts have already begun–the most recent example was Storyline this past Saturday–and there are lots more ahead. Get the next few installments after the break.


Egomagnet cancels QCS (Borders) show due to car accident

February 20, 2009

Brandon Hilt of Egomagnet

One of Springfield’s top up-and-coming jam rock bands, Egomagnet was slated to play Borders last night (2/19/09) as part of the awesomely successful Queen City Shout concert series put on by local veteran Eddie Gumucio at Border’s Bookstore. Well, they didn’t—and for good reason.


Long Live the Shout: QCS Spotlight series continues through the end of the year

February 18, 2009

Apparently four years of Queen City Shout‘s monthly concerts have generated a lot of positive response among the people who pile into Borders Books to see them. QCS organizer Eddie Gumucio is expanding the concert series to carry on its name beyond the month-long showcase held in February each year. Find out more good news after the break.


Rock Talk (2/8/09) Eddie Gumucio, Storyline

February 9, 2009


Eddie Gumucio stops in to spin some solo stuff, get bullied into a reunion with one of his former bands, talk about his current group The Electrics, and talk all about the awesome FREE month-long concert series you might have heard of called The Queen City Shout. (Looooooonnnnnng Breeeeeeaaaaaaaathththththth)

We were also joined by Storyline. Storyline consists of former members of former Springfield rockers One Star Story. The pop rockers have a sweet sound, a chick singer that’s pretty damn good, and a drummer named Geno that can’t talk into the microphone haha (Just kidding man. Say “Hi” to ya mutha fo’ me!). 

Not only this but a Lindberg’s grand opening recap. (more…)

Are you ready for Queen City Shout?

February 5, 2009

qcshoutIt’s finally time again for our month-long extravaganza of local shows known as Queen City Shout at Borders Books (3300 S. Glenstone Ave.). The man behind it all, local music torchbearer Eddie Gumucio, has been hard at work booking bands for weeks to finalize the lineup, and the result is another who’s-who of local talent. (Click here to see the full lineup.)

Remember: Every show is FREE to attend, and all start at an hour (8 p.m. is the latest showtime) that allows an easy transition to the next show or other event you’re planning your evening around, so there is no excuse not to come and see at least some of Springfield’s most diverse collection of fine talent in one place. Your tour of the Springfield Local Musicverse begins tonight at 7 p.m. with Sweetwater Abilene.

We’ll see you there…

Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2009 Queen City Shout lineup

January 13, 2009

It’s award season in Hollywood, a chance to see your favorite celebs wear outfits you can’t pull off you can’t afford while they accept awards for pretending to be someone else. Ridiculous though it can be at times, it’s the film industry’s time to shine a spotlight on itself for its ability to entertain and, at its best, inspire. It’s also the time of year a spotlight is shown on local music: Queen City Shout, the Borders concert series conceived by the store’s music honcho and resident local-music great Eddie Gumucio. Each year Springfield’s best take over the store for performances outside their normal setting, going from smoky clubs and late nights under lights to early-evening strum sessions in a family-friendly atmosphere. This year’s Queen City Shout lineup of shows goes on for almost a month, and the first performance is only a few weeks away. The full list of artists follows after the jump.