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At the FourFour Fest with Kurtzender, Part 2

September 20, 2009

This is part 2. Thanks for attending, volunteering, playing and watching. If you didn’t get to go this year, watch all the videos and start preparing to rock next year! Sit back, relax and enjoy the 2nd annual FourFour Fest.

Saliva cancels MAY 30 show

April 11, 2009


Just heard word that Saliva has cancelled its May 30 show at Remmington’s Downtown. The biggest loss here is the fact that local rockers TROY were going to open. This would have been a very positive move for local music in Springfield, MO.

Thriving Ivory coming to Springfield March 5

January 28, 2009

No hard rock this time around. FM Productions and Hunt Industries are collaborating to bring piano-driven melodic pop group Thriving Ivory to Remmington’s Downtown March 5, with South By Southwest-bound Barcelona and Company of Thieves. After putting on the Disturbed/Sevendust show and the still-upcoming Clutch/Mudvayne show on Valentine’s Day at the Shrine Mosque, a lighter show could be just what the doctor ordered. Don’t expect a crowd any smaller than the aforementioned events, though; Thriving Ivory’s hit “Angels on the Moon” currently registers more than 10 million listens on the group’s MySpace page.

The Battle For Sparrows

December 3, 2008

We really need to read MySpace blogs more often. It looks there’s one Hell of an either-or scenario brewing for Sparrows, Springfield’s southside (it’s on South Campbell Avenue) non-alcoholic, Christian-affiliated live music spot. Its lease runs out in April 2009, which leaves four-plus months of difficult decision-making ahead.


Commercial Street “Entertainment District:” Dr. Carter?! Paging Dr. Carter!

November 25, 2008
Couldn't this have waited until Sweeps Week?! I was trying to smoke a cig.

Couldn't this have waited until Sweeps Week?! I was trying to smoke a cig.

NOTE: We’ve added a link to the original City Council plan for C-Street’s revitalization, for those curious to read it. You’ll find it after the break.

We won’t say the results are in yet, but we have results from the exit polls, metaphorically speaking, and the trend we see with the City of Springfield’s plan to convert Commercial Street into its designated Center City nightlife spot is disturbing. Consider:

Commercial Street between Grant Avenue and Washington Avenue has seen only two nightlife spots open for a year or more since the transition began, Lindberg’s and Ruthie’s. (Ground Xero, though successful and still in operation, is much further east on Commercial Street.) With the closing of Lindberg’s last Saturday, the total is back down to one, and, to our knowledge, Ruthie’s hosts no live music. The Belmonte, once it moved to Commercial Street, de-emphasized its previous live-music focus, and now seems to be almost–if not completely–dormant. Even longtime C-Street occupant Paradise Lounge is now gone.

The trend, dear City of Springfield, if you’re not catching it yet, is this: When it comes to splitting downtown’s eclectic bohemian-meets-businessperson-meets-college-student day/night meeting ground into two separate districts for the sake of profit and cohabitation, you have failed.



August 23, 2008

That’s the headline on The Filthy Thirds’ Myspace, and yup…pretty much sums up what’s going down tonight. 

We recently reviewed the brand new Filthy Thirds’ album being release tonight, “Stone Dead” (read the review here). This is the most aggressive, loud and guitar-driven rock/metal to hit Springfield in some time. Think Danzig killed and ate Motorhead and Manowar and AC/DC. What Danzig would shit out would pretty much be The Filthy Thirds. You heard me, and they are DAMN GOOD at it! Find out where the slaughter is going down…


Covers vs. Originals vs. Springfield

April 27, 2008

Springfield has a wonderful niche for cover bands in their hearts. The latest to pop up on the scene is an 80’s cover band appropriately titled Members Only. I happen to know most of the members of this cover band. All of the members are talented musicians who have performed (drummer Justin Gabossi played with Tiffany Christopher for most of the decade) and can perform beyond the capacity of a cover band. For whatever reason, them banding together is the last straw before a more litigious nature of action arises. Also adding insult to injury, Hot Box, another local cover band, won best overall band at Rock’n’Ribs. So, before I go any further I will make a few things known: being fair is considered a high moral value in my book, being honest is as well and making/having live music is always better than no live music.

According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), copyright is a pretty big issue out there and a lot of students know the RIAA means business when it comes to illegal downloading. But, the RIAA also has a lot to say about the use of copyrighted songs via live performance, as does The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). If either group knew the extent to which artists’ songs were being performed heads and dollars would roll.