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New Music Monday: “Sleepwalking” by Bottlefish now available for FREE

May 25, 2009

sleepwalking-copyIf you got to listen to last night’s edition of Rock Talk on Z 106.7 FM, you heard a couple of never-before-heard tracks from Bottlefish, one recorded at Lou Whitney’s The Studio for the band’s upcoming EP and another performed live in the Z studios. The recorded track, titled “Sleepwalking,” was put on Bottlefish’s website for free download this morning, and we’re told it will be available until the finished EP is ready to release. It’s an incredible song, one of the best new tracks we’ve heard come from the scene this year, and one you’ll want to take the time to go and get, especially at no cost. You can find it by clicking here.


Free music from The Seed

April 23, 2009

theseedIn honor of Earth Day–or the day after Earth Day, anyway–The Seed has decided to hook up the masses with a free preview of its next album, Homemade Dub 2: A Recipe For Disaster. (Remember, they’re releasing two albums this year, the already-released Big Outside and Homemade Dub 2 on July 31.) So you get two FREE tracks to download from one of local music’s bands to watch. How can anyone turn that down? Click the link below and we’ll tell you where to get them.

Speaking of local remixes: Nightsweats remixes Butthole Surfers’ “Pepper”

March 13, 2009

the_butthole_surfers-1-250-249-85-nocropA while back we presented to you one local musician’s take on Eminem’s “Superman.” Not only did we think it was pretty sweet, but apparently you did, too; it got quite a few hits and downloads when we posted it.

We happened across local artist Nightsweats‘ take on a popular song–a semi-forgotten hit from a ’90s one-hit-wonder, no less–and we’d be remisced if we didn’t pass it along to you. It jams like hell, and it’s good fun to kick off your Friday night. Listen and/or download after the break.