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Can’t Be Too Jumpy readying new album and tour

February 11, 2009

cant-be-too-jumpySome bands hit the ground running, but Can’t Be Too Jumpy is determined to make the ground catch up to it. Since forming form the remains of A Day Away, the group already released the EP Digital on iTunes and started booking shows like crazy. So what’s the latest on this relentlessly busy quintet?


Now on iTunes: Can’t Be Too Jumpy’s first EP

December 22, 2008

cantbetoojumpyMan, didn’t we just see them play a concert for the first time, DeRosh? Yes, you did, December 12 at Sparrows. Welcome to the accelerated career trajectory of Can’t Be Too Jumpy–not surprising, really, since half the band consists of former members of A Day Away and, well, that group already went through the same process the old-fashioned (read: slow) way. The four-song EP, titled Digital, is available for $3.96 in the iTunes Music Store. Stuff your iStocking with it, yo!