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Get Your Vest On: Han Trio returns September 18

August 28, 2009
Wait a minute... I'm a TRIO now?! Have I been cloned or something? This had better not be another one of George's CGI "masterpieces." Chewie, quit humping my leg.

Wait a minute... I'm a TRIO now?! Have I been cloned or something? This had better not be another one of George's CGI "masterpieces." Chewie, quit humping my leg. You too, Skywalker.

Alright, all dorkdom aside, let’s be real for a minute: There are few characters in the history of motion pictures as badass as Han Solo from the Star Wars trilogy. No one combined John Wayne’s brash machismo, Errol Flynn’s swashbuckler grace and James T. Kirk’s ability to convincingly shoot toy pistols quite as effectively, and just about every guy has wished he could be at least one of those three at one time or another.

There was only one Han, but three men–Shawn Eckels and Reed Herron of Speakeasy, along with John Anderson of The Sociables and Super String Theory on drums–donned the black vest and way-underbottoned white shirt combo to pay tribute while covering songs from famous musical trios. The result was a High Life Live Martini Lounge in a tizzy and wanting more.

Now they’ll get it. The group, known as Han Trio, has agreed to return to The High Life for another show Friday, September 18, knocking out tune after tune from three-member groups (think Nirvana, The Police, Jimi Hendrix Experience, etc.) starting around 10 p.m. Five dollars gets you in the door for the badassness. Princess Laya impersonators are likely welcome, as well.

Playing With Matches bassist Andy Marshall debuts new band

December 5, 2008

Marshall (right) striking a rock pose at Playing With Matches' farewell show in May

Marshall (right) striking pose at Playing With Matches' farewell show in May

It’s been more than six months since Playing With Matches said goodbye, and now the question we asked then about its members finally has at least one answer. Andy Marshall, the group’s bass player, says his new all-covers group, Under the Covers, will play its first show at Bugsy Malone’s Wednesday, December 10.

The lineup consists of Marshall on bass, McGill member Aaron “Waggo” Waggoner on guitar, Eric Milan of Glass Bottom Boat Ride on drums and Greg McFadden singing. Under the Covers’ performance will mark the first time in more than two months that a band has played at Bugsy’s since the bar discontinued its live shows in October. No word yet on whether or not the show is a one-time event for some old friends and bar regulars. Regardless, we’re excited to watch the Bugsy’s windows facing South Avenue rattle again.

Covers vs. Originals vs. Springfield

April 27, 2008

Springfield has a wonderful niche for cover bands in their hearts. The latest to pop up on the scene is an 80’s cover band appropriately titled Members Only. I happen to know most of the members of this cover band. All of the members are talented musicians who have performed (drummer Justin Gabossi played with Tiffany Christopher for most of the decade) and can perform beyond the capacity of a cover band. For whatever reason, them banding together is the last straw before a more litigious nature of action arises. Also adding insult to injury, Hot Box, another local cover band, won best overall band at Rock’n’Ribs. So, before I go any further I will make a few things known: being fair is considered a high moral value in my book, being honest is as well and making/having live music is always better than no live music.

According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), copyright is a pretty big issue out there and a lot of students know the RIAA means business when it comes to illegal downloading. But, the RIAA also has a lot to say about the use of copyrighted songs via live performance, as does The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). If either group knew the extent to which artists’ songs were being performed heads and dollars would roll.