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Media Post! Pics&Vids (a little catch-up from the past few weeks)

March 2, 2009

Wes Jeans ROCKIN' Blues at Nate P's

So we’ve been extremely busy working on our latest secret project (sure to be announced later this week). But we’ve caught a few shows here and there, but haven’t been able to get the pictures uploaded. Well, we have a bunch now. From Mudvayne, Nonpoint, In This Moment, and Clutch to Big Smith, Wes Jeans and Jason Ricci; we’ve got A TON of photos uploaded to our Flickr page. Above is just a glimpse, Catch a few more preview shots on the inside of this post. Including a set list made of cartoon pictures for Big Smith, Wes Jeans knife in the floor and more.


Videos From Valentine’s Day (Mudvayne, Clutch, Nonpoint, Red Fang)

February 19, 2009

My internets are being just aaaweeeesome and this is taking for-ev-er, but steady and slow wins the race I guess. I’ve been uploading the videos from last Saturday to our YouTube. We’ve got a bunch of videos including a bunch from Mudvayne including “World So Cold,” “Determined,” “Happy,” “Nothing To Gein,” “Do What You Do,” “Dig,” and “Death Blooms.” We also have Clutch performing “Electric Worry,” and Nonpoint performing “What A Day.” Also nabbed a video of Red Fang as they were closing their set. They were awesome. Definately look for them in the future. I’m hoping to get the pics up by tomorrow night so stay tuned.

See ALL the vids in the rest of this post


Get Mudvayne / Clutch VIP Tix at normal price (but hurry!)

February 3, 2009


FM Productions and The Shrine Mosque must love you Springfield. They’re offering the same awesome VIP deal they did for Disturbed just a few weeks ago. Get VIP Tickets for Mudvayne / Clutch for the price of a regular ticket, ONLY $33 total! Get FREE food, free soda, VIP drink Specials, VIP Seating, and a FREE Valentines Day present just for being a fan! Find out how…


Thriving Ivory coming to Springfield March 5

January 28, 2009

No hard rock this time around. FM Productions and Hunt Industries are collaborating to bring piano-driven melodic pop group Thriving Ivory to Remmington’s Downtown March 5, with South By Southwest-bound Barcelona and Company of Thieves. After putting on the Disturbed/Sevendust show and the still-upcoming Clutch/Mudvayne show on Valentine’s Day at the Shrine Mosque, a lighter show could be just what the doctor ordered. Don’t expect a crowd any smaller than the aforementioned events, though; Thriving Ivory’s hit “Angels on the Moon” currently registers more than 10 million listens on the group’s MySpace page.