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The Voyage Ends: We Voyagers announce their split

July 24, 2009

We VoyagersIt’s no secret that school obligations is the number-one cause of band deaths in America today. (“Settling down” is a close second.) Its latest victim is local high school indie group We Voyagers, who will soon be losing singer Tim Peacock to an arts college in Florida. The band has scheduled a farewell show Sunday, August 16 at Randy Bacon Photography Studio & Gallery, where the group will debut its completed album Bon Voyage (is that a prophetic title or what) while performing with The Scribbles and Twelvish Trees. The door charge is $3, which might be the most affordable show we’ve ever seen at the gallery, and according to the band all proceeds will go to the El Salvador-based Los Angeles Refugee Camp.

Storyline plans CD release show for June 3rd

May 18, 2009
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The good news keeps coming in for local power-pop-rock group Storyline. Not only has the band, formerly known (with a couple different members) as One Star Story, put together a new album called Welcome Home and a spot performing at the Cornerstone Music Festival, but the band now has a CD release party at The Outland Ballroom forthcoming. The show is scheduled for Wednesday, June 3, the day after Welcome Home hits store shelves. More details to come.

Happy St. Pat’s Day! FourFourTV – Episode 1 feat. Irish Rockers, Dirty Old Towne (CD release)

March 17, 2009

So we’re finally getting around to doing a lot of the things we want to with the site before the redesign (yes there is a complete overhaul coming to—more on that later). TheFourFour Show has started, and now FourFourTV. FourFourTV will be us capturing video of what we do 4-5 nights a week…hit a bunch of shows, nab some pics&vids and interview bands on the fly. Trust us, there will be a lot of these, time permitting (we do have day jobs ya know). 

In this episode, we feature celtic rockers, Dirty Old Towne, at their cd release show at Waxy O’Shea’s in Branson, MO on Branson Landing. The boys have been working on this record forever and now its finally here. We had to be there to support. Watch and catch some live vids and an exclusive post-show interview with the band. 

Thanks for checking it out. More to come.

The Seed signs with Lemon Drop Records

March 12, 2009


Local reggae faves, The Seed (previously known as Lance Sitton and The Seed) have just signed with local record label Lemon Drop Records. Lemon Drop is home to locals such as The Verbs [Redux], The Spacetones and more. We’ve got the info on their two upcoming albums, cd release shows and more after the jump…


Cropdusters video, featuring every motherf***er you’ve ever heard of.

February 3, 2009

Fuck the Cropdusters.” An all-star cast of local music names and faces parades through this three-minute video to say exactly that. As you might imagine, it’s not safe for work, although if you can get away with it we highly recommend a watch. Filthy Thirds singer Trent Wilson’s part alone is worth it. Plus a cameo appearance by Mark Bilyeu? Awesome!

Oh, yeah, and the Cropdusters show is this Friday at the newly reopened Lindberg’s at 9 p.m. Five bucks gets you in, six more bucks gets you a CD. But who cares, cause, you know, fuck ’em.

Jeremy Larson’s album release POSTPONED: The Full Story

October 30, 2008

Unfortunately, if you weren’t at Randy Bacon Photography Studio & Art Gallery Tuesday night, you will now have to wait as long as a month or more to get your hands on a copy of Jeremy Larson‘s new album, Salvation Club. Read why after the break.


Q & A with As Of Now

September 22, 2008

For the last few weeks there’s been an unanswered question at Four Four HQ: Who the heck is As Of Now? Their promo material seems to be everywhere we look, and we look in a lot of directions and places. The last time we were this caught off guard by a band’s self-promotion prowess was Greedy Fleet a couple of years ago. Seriously, there are fliers everywhere for these guys and their CD release party coming up Saturday, and we’ve never heard of them so much as putting on a show before. (Apparently they have, however.) Luckily, someone caught wind of such dumbfoundedness and decided to do something about it: none other than local video-taking fave Blondie. Not only did she set up an interview with lead singer Mallory Bailey, she wrote it up and sent it to us. It takes a band known mostly from its two-dimensional promos plastered everywhere and makes it seem, well, real. The full interview follows after the link.


Cindy Woolf: Straight ballin’, releasing second album

August 27, 2008

The last time we talked to Cindy Woolf at any length, it was during a game of horse in a friend’s back yard.* But in just nine days, we’ll have some music-related news… and good news, at that. Read more after the jump.

*The DeRosh did not take part, on account of sucking at basketball.



August 23, 2008

That’s the headline on The Filthy Thirds’ Myspace, and yup…pretty much sums up what’s going down tonight. 

We recently reviewed the brand new Filthy Thirds’ album being release tonight, “Stone Dead” (read the review here). This is the most aggressive, loud and guitar-driven rock/metal to hit Springfield in some time. Think Danzig killed and ate Motorhead and Manowar and AC/DC. What Danzig would shit out would pretty much be The Filthy Thirds. You heard me, and they are DAMN GOOD at it! Find out where the slaughter is going down…