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FREE music at the Ozark Empire Fair: Palen Music Center’s local stage

July 31, 2009

Sure, there’s a band performing every night at the Grandstand Stage during the Ozark Empire Fair, but you didn’t think the rest of the day would be all Ferris wheels and funnel cakes, did you? The Fair crowd is an audience too large not to spotlight local music in front of, and it turns out Palen Music Center is answering the call with a FREE concert stage near the main entrance throughout the Fair’s 10 days. Wanna know who you’ll get to rock out to between sessions of knocking rubber duckies over with a water gun? Read the full schedule after the break.


Josh Heinrichs update

May 1, 2009

heinrichsWe just got a raft of new information regarding the recent goings-on of former Jah Roots singer Josh Heinrichs. First, his new album: Recording has gone on for a few months now, but the latest word from Heinrichs is that a finished album will see the light of day at the end of this month. The six-song EP, to be titled Things Change, will be an acoustic record with some backing instrumentation from members of SeedLove and 77 Jefferson. With a new CD, of course, comes a new tour, which will begin this summer and travel throughout the country–but not before a return performance with Cas Haley at The Outland Ballroom on June 6. Follow all that with an appearance at Schwagstock in September and you have a pretty busy schedule. When it comes to Heinrichs, though, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

Reggae Sensation Cas Haley TONIGHT with Josh Heinrichs of Jah Roots (plus mini tour)

March 4, 2009

You’d better believe it ya’ll. Cas Haley and Josh Heinrichs of Jah Roots are going on a two-man tour. Lucky us because the tour kicks of TONIGHT in Springfield, MO. You may remember Cas from Woodbelly (regular Jah Roots tour buddies) a while back, or from a little show by the name of America’s Got Talent with that drunk hunk Hasselhoff where he jammed The Police’s “Walking on the Moon” better than most had EVER heard. Let me tell ya something, its like that on every song with these guys. If you’re a reggae fan, or need a pick-me-up good vibe to carry you through the rest of the week, get downtown and support some AMAZING musicians. More after the break.


At last, they reunite: Josh Heinrichs of Jah Roots and Cas Haley of Woodbelly to tour with combined solo sets

December 23, 2008

joshcasdoneThere was a time when this show would have cost you two dollars to see at The Bar Next Door, but times have changed. In the case of Jah Roots singer Josh Heinrichs and Woodbelly (from Arlington, Texas) vocalist Cas Haley, those changes have been for the better. Heinrichs and the rest of the Jah Roots crew have gained enormous exposure performing at events such as Schwagstock, South by Southwest and Wakarusa; Haley rolled the dice on an appearance on America’s Got Talent that sent him to the show’s final round and led to his band now being known as Cas Haley and Woodbelly. Now the old touring buddies are getting together for a fresh set of dates, currently set for March 4–8.

According to Heinrichs’s MySpace page, two venues are confirmed so far: March 6 at Murphy’s Lounge in Omaha, Nebraska and the Broadway Oyster Bar in St. Louis, Missouri on March 8. We’re holding out hope that there’s a Springfield date in the works, as well. Click the link for a couple of reasons why.