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Rev Theory adds a local to its lineup (for now)

October 8, 2009

JacobYou won’t see it on the band’s website, but Rev Theory, who has played Springfield a time or two, recently made a temporary change to its rhythm guitar player. The new guy: Jacob Showalter, best known in The Springfield Scene as guitarist for Playing With Matches. Showalter worked for a time as a bartender at downtown karaoke bar (and periodic live music spot) Bugsy Malone’s and still keeps in contact with the staff there, and the news was posted to the Bugsy’s events blog. It’s not a long-term move from the sound of it, but it opens up possibilities for the future. It has happened before, after all. We’ll let you know more as we find out.


Never Say Never: Super String Theory scheduled to play Bugsy Malone’s March 4

January 27, 2009

sstbugsysYou know, sometimes it’s better not to speak in absolutes, or just not to make declarative statements at all. Even when Michael Jordan retired in 1999–you know, the time we were sure he was done, for real this time–he said he was “99 percent” certain he would never play again. Lo and behold, the other one percent came true and Jordan was in a Wizards uniform just a couple of years later.


Playing With Matches bassist Andy Marshall debuts new band

December 5, 2008

Marshall (right) striking a rock pose at Playing With Matches' farewell show in May

Marshall (right) striking pose at Playing With Matches' farewell show in May

It’s been more than six months since Playing With Matches said goodbye, and now the question we asked then about its members finally has at least one answer. Andy Marshall, the group’s bass player, says his new all-covers group, Under the Covers, will play its first show at Bugsy Malone’s Wednesday, December 10.

The lineup consists of Marshall on bass, McGill member Aaron “Waggo” Waggoner on guitar, Eric Milan of Glass Bottom Boat Ride on drums and Greg McFadden singing. Under the Covers’ performance will mark the first time in more than two months that a band has played at Bugsy’s since the bar discontinued its live shows in October. No word yet on whether or not the show is a one-time event for some old friends and bar regulars. Regardless, we’re excited to watch the Bugsy’s windows facing South Avenue rattle again.

It’s Reunion Time!

August 7, 2008

A one-night-only get-together headlines tonight’s rundown of shows. Check it out.