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From the Palm-To-Forehead File: Jason Boland & The Stragglers coming to Remmingtons Downtown… er, tomorrow

October 14, 2009

bolandflyerMeetings: They consume time, they consume thought processes and they have, at least lately, consumed our gnatlike attention spans. So with the recent flurry of meetings we’ve had to sit through we’ve whiffed on a potentially big show: Jason Boland & The Stragglers, longtime faves of Snorty Horsers (can we adopt that phrase instead of “Red Dirt country lovers?” The latter phrase feels a little tired. Topic for another time; got it), are back in Springfield Thursday, October 15 (also known as tomorrow night) for a show with opener Brian Lumley & Red Dirt Underground. The all-ages show starts at 8 p.m. and costs $10 to get in. Of course, you could have learned all of that by reading the adjacent show poster, but we’ve neglected enough already.

The Show Report, 8/1: Washington Irving, we barely knew ye

August 1, 2009

Tonight marks the last show for local indie rockers Washington Irving, a farewell at Lindberg’s that also marks a return of sorts for Faatherton and the latest in a steadily growing number of concert appearances for the highly rated Ghost Dance. With singer Brett O’Neal leaving for law school in Illinois, Washington Irving hangs it up with one of the 2008’s best local albums under its belt and, hopefully, a fantastic farewell show to be remembered by. Good luck, guys.

Also happening tonight:


Matt Stell & The Crashers CD release May 9

April 23, 2009

Matt Stell

Matt Stell

For weeks before we saw them we heard the buzz around Matt Stell & The Crashers, and we finally caught a set at Tommy Leo’s on a wild St. Patrick’s Day night and saw what people were talking about. Now the group is preparing to take the next step up with a CD release party for its newly completed album, The Sound and the Story, at The Outland Ballroom May 9 with opening act The Josh Davis Band. The show forms part of the band’s trek through Missouri, Kansas and Texas, a tour that includes a return trip to the Ballroom May 30 to perform with Brian Lumley & Red Dirt Underground, all in support of the album’s nationwide release. Could a nationwide tour be next?

(Down)Homegrown: Chance Ray Band and Brian Lumley & Red Dirt Underground this Friday

April 14, 2009

homegrownWe’re not sure how or why, but Q102’s Homegrown shows have a way of sneaking up on us. Has it really been a month since Superstring Theory, Assembly Line Gods and Knife*Death at The High Life Live Martini Lounge? It certainly has, and the next installment is upon us. This time, Q’s feeling a little bit country: The Chance Ray Band and Brian Lumley & Red Dirt Underground descend upon Lindberg’s this Friday (April 17) to give local country and roots rock a little extra push into the public consciousness. It doesn’t need a big push, given the proliferation of Red Dirt shows at the Ballroom and Remmingtons Downtown, to say nothing of emerging local roots acts such as The Cropdusters, Bottlefish and The Bootheel. It just needs the attention of local radio, and Friday it’s getting it. The show costs $5 and should start around 10 p.m.