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Rock Talk (5/31/09): Matt Browning (formerly of Brand of Freak), Kathryn for Sounds on the Square & Storyline

June 1, 2009


We rarely know what we’re in for when we settle in for Z 106.7’s Rock Talk, but this past Sunday’s episode was probably the most unpredictable we’ve had since the slightly infamous anniversary episode. Not only did we have our guests on in the reverse of the order intended, we had one guest (Matt Browning, Brand Of Freak‘s former drummer) whom we cannot explain how he’s even alive, another unplanned guest who floored us, a completely seat-of-the-pants Four from The FourFour (thank God DeRosh’s car is a rolling jukebox full of CDs), the Urban District Alliance’s Kathryn Vicat-Dlabach explaining why she’s a hit in dive bars, never-before-heard songs from Storyline and more. We’re not quite sure how it all happened, but it did. Relive it after the break.



Bring on the subs!

May 7, 2009
We mean substitute musicians. But this IS making us hungry.

We mean substitute musicians, though bands may need these by the end of Saturday night, too.

The Battle for Korn show at Remmingtons Downtown, pitting seven local hard-rock acts against one another to open for the pseudo-metal icons, is two days away, and the anticipation ratchets up another notch with each passing day. Apparently, so does the intrigue. First comes word that All Kills Aside will bring back its original bassist, Clancy Leakey, who left the group for personal reasons in January. Next comes the news that Brand Of Freak‘s drummer was seriously injured in an accident (not life-threatening) and will be replaced for that band’s set by local drumming do-it-all John Anderson. These bands aren’t playing around, people. When the prize is raising the curtain on the biggest rock show Springfield has seen in years, we honestly wouldn’t expect anything less. Our only question is, what will the next 48 hours hold?

Layne Lives: “In Chains” tribute coming Saturday

April 14, 2009

layneBelieve it or not, it’s been more than seven years since the death of Alice In Chains singer Layne Staley from a drug overdose in April 2002. Gone but not forgotten, Staley’s music lived on in Springfield through a series of “In Chains” tribute shows held from 2003-05. Organized by Avarice singer Nate White, the tribute show died when Avarice split up following the 2005 concert.

Now it’s back. Alice fans, and anyone else who digs hard rock the way it used to be done, click the link and find out what you’re in for. It’s a killer show.