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The Show Report, 10/16: I wanna find one face that ain’t lookin’ through me, I wanna find one place, I wanna spit in the face of these…

October 16, 2009

bruce-springsteen-2Tonight brings a show your humble Show Report writer has been anticipating for a long time: An all-star cast of performers, including members of The Eric Weiler Band, The Bootheel, The BoogeyMen and more combine talents in a Bruce Springsteen tribute at Lindberg’s. Why, you ask? It’s National Boss’s Day, and how better to pay tribute to bosses than to pay tribute to “The Boss.” The night will start with a special treat: An all-acoustic set by Eric Weiler (of The Eric Weiler Band) and Todd Balisle (of The Bootheel) playing all of Springsteen’s 1982 album Nebraska. After that, it’s time to pump fists and shout choruses, and you can bet this word-typing goofball will be in on it at some point.

Lots more after the break, too. Get ready to barhop.


Goodbye, Dalton

September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayze died yesterday after a long, difficult battle. It’s a sad day for the Swayze family, for Patrick’s friends and for fans of ’80s movies everywhere. Most of the major news media have seized the opportunity to play clips from Dirty Dancing and read prepared statements from Whoopi Goldberg… bleh. We see it as an opportunity to see the man as we’ll always remember him–kicking random rednecks’ asses. Video courtesy of the United Artists movie Roadhouse; music courtesy of Bottlefish:

No one puts Dalton in the corner.

Rock Talk (9/13/09): FourFourFest compilation preview with guest hosts Johan from Black Box Revue and Toad from Cropdusters

September 14, 2009


So…if you haven’t heard yet, we’re throwing a freakin’ block party on South Ave. between Walnut and McDaniel this Saturday from 11am–11pm with 18 bands, DJ tent all day, food, and more! We’re also tying in a compilation CD featuring 16 of the acts performing (available for only $5 at festival!).

This week on Rock Talk, we preview the compilation in its entirety along with our co-hosts and festival headliners, Johan from Black Box Revue and Toad from Cropdusters (we also feature some great music from our two headliners as well) 🙂

Listen in now…and buy the compilation at the fest!


The Show Report, 7/31: Embrace the weird

July 31, 2009

the-beach-boysDeRosh, why the f*** are you leading off by talking about The Beach Boys? Seriously?! With a killer reunion show, Dalton in town, a CD release and more you wanna start by talking about The Beach Boys?!

There’s a method to my madness here; perhaps not a good method, but a method nonetheless. The Beach Boys represent the first concert of the Ozark Empire Fair, held (natch) at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds at the corner of Grant Avenue and Norton Street on the North Side. It’s these 10-or-so days that bring us some of the most unusual concerts to descend upon the city each year. Still ahead on the docket are shows by Raven Symone, Great White, L.A. Guns, Montgomery Gentry and more. Will you see shows such as those at The Shrine Mosque, Remmington’s Downtown, etc? With the possible exception of the Montgomery Gentry, who are still a significant draw among country artists, the answer is no. But in the family-friendly confines of the Fair, where bands play on a converted dirt-oval race track with the faint glow of carnival-ride lighting invading the stage, truly anything goes. We say soak it in, particularly in the presence of rock ‘n’ roll history such as tonight.

Of course, perhaps best of all, the Fair show starts at 8 p.m., which means you can get out, dash to the car and stand on the gas to get to any or all of the following incredible shows:


Psssst! New video: Bottlefish goes to The Double Deuce. Pass it on.

July 27, 2009

It likely won’t be on The Internets long, since it violates more copyright laws than Vanilla Ice, but this video is too good not to pass along for your entertainment. The boys in local Americana/roots rock group Bottlefish pieced together a tongue-in-cheeck mashup music video using their song “Sleepwalking” and an assortment of clips from the ’80s Patrick Swayze classic Roadhouse, which, along with The Outsiders, is one of the few movies that will allow us to use the phrase “Patrick Swayze classic.” It’s a hilarious intro to the band’s show this Friday at Lindberg’s with HeartPunch, and, well, it has a cameo by a monster truck. Who could say no? Check out one of the year’s best local songs in a whole new light while you still can:

The Show Report, 6/26: For James

June 26, 2009

Tonight many music-scene veterans will converge on Nathan P. Murphy’s for a show to support one of their own. James Davis, son of MK Ultra gutarist Kevin Flannery, died recently, and tonight The Murph Dome puts on a monster concert in his honor with Plasticity Switch, Pillbox, About Time, Allie Catz, Ilijah and Tokyo Sauna. It’s a big night for the acts involved–hell, Allie Catz reunited just for this show–and, hopefully, a moment of solace for the grief-stricken parents. All proceeds go toward the James Davis Foundation, so come out in droves and enjoy a good show to help out a family wanting to give its son the sendoff he deserves.

Elsewhere around town you’ll find the following:


Sweet! Bottlefish records video of Rock Talk interview

May 29, 2009

We love it when locals get as excited as we do about music and what we do to promote it. Kelly from Bottlefish is a videographer and recorded video of their Rock Talk interview last week (May 24th episode – listen to the whole episode here).


Rock Talk (5/24/09) Bottlefish, Speakeasy, Spookie Daly Pride and Cornerstone locals

May 26, 2009


Thank you rain storms for hurting out internets. We’re back now and we have this week’s episode of 106.7’s Rock Talk uploaded and ready for your listening pleasure. This week’s guests are Speakeasy and a phoner with Spookie Daly Pride. We’re then visited by our good friends in Bottlefish with some acoustic sweetness and then we feature locals playing the famed christian music festival, Cornerstone. Listen in after the break.


New Music Monday: “Sleepwalking” by Bottlefish now available for FREE

May 25, 2009

sleepwalking-copyIf you got to listen to last night’s edition of Rock Talk on Z 106.7 FM, you heard a couple of never-before-heard tracks from Bottlefish, one recorded at Lou Whitney’s The Studio for the band’s upcoming EP and another performed live in the Z studios. The recorded track, titled “Sleepwalking,” was put on Bottlefish’s website for free download this morning, and we’re told it will be available until the finished EP is ready to release. It’s an incredible song, one of the best new tracks we’ve heard come from the scene this year, and one you’ll want to take the time to go and get, especially at no cost. You can find it by clicking here.

Steve Newman to guest with Bottlefish Saturday

May 13, 2009

natepbottlefishmustacheHas local supergroup HeartPunch rubbed off a little on its members? With news that Domino Kings guitarist Steve Newman will sit in on fellow HeartPuncher Yankton Sothern‘s group Bottlefish during its set at Nathan P. Murphy’s Saturday night, it would be hard not to believe the answer is yes. The show includes Live Oak and fellow local roots-rock group Mustache (formerly known as Phoenix). The show starts at 9 p.m.

The Show Report, 5/1: We’re goin’ to the liquor store!

May 1, 2009
Photo by Monkey

Photo by Monkey

Hmmm… It’s a rainy, cold-ish First Friday… Need something to cure the blahs… Hey, what’s Steve Ewing doing tonight? As luck would have it, the man who fronted The Urge in the ’90s and early ’00s is in town tonight to play The High Life Live Martini Lounge. Nothing like renditions of “Brainless,” “Open All Night” and more to jostle the masses awake.

Once you’re jostled, you’ll want to check out the shows we have for you after the break, too.


A quick recording update

April 24, 2009

recordingIt occurs to us that we haven’t done one of these in a while, so we’re going to take a moment and get you up to speed on who is going into the studio and what they’re up to:

HeartPunch booking second gig, recording

April 22, 2009

The thing with supergroups is you almost never can confine them to just one show. It’s often a meeting of talents too good to deny more opportunity, and such appears to be the case with local-music conglomerate HeartPunch. Frontman Yankton Sothern’s cathartic side project (he usually drums for Bottlefish and still plays guitar when Fullers Earth gets together) brought together Steve Newman of The Domino Kings, Lou Whitney of The Skeletons and The Morells and Ritchie Allen of BringYourGreenHat for a show so well received that Sothern says it’s planning a second show at Lindberg’s in May; no word on the official show date yet. The group is also working on coordinating schedules to lay down Sothern’s tracks for an upcoming album release. It may never become a regularly performing band–the members are all involved in far too many projects to make that seem feasible–but another show with the quartet together should give those at the original High Life Live show something to look forward to, as well as a second chance for those who missed it.

Super Photo Post! Short Histories of The First Teenager who’s Pilot Whale is Like The Spider from a Greene Coast with Bottlefish where Matt Stell and Yeltsin were Dreaming of Tony Danza Tapdancing in a Dirty Old Towne with a Trust Company named Ha Ha Tonka

March 18, 2009

Now that’s the longest title ever, beating my previous record last week. That should give you the text preview.

For a quick image preview, click through and see the other half of this post…or hit our Flickr and take a look at all the photos.


Rock Talk 2/1, with The Cropdusters, Jah Roots, Bottlefish & Super Bowl hangovers

February 2, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1…Ow. We’re still kind of paying for yesterday’s festivities, and we’re pretty sure we’re not alone. In fact, we know we’re not; some of our guests last night on Rock Talk on Z 106.7 were, and are, right there with us. The Big Game ended just in time for us to talk about The Cropdusters’ big CD release show to reopen Lindberg’s this Friday, have Jah Roots play two excellent songs in-studio in anticipation of the Bob Marley Birthday Bash (also Friday night) and for Bottlefish to discuss how it brought Yankton Sothern out of musical retirement and what really drives its songwriting. Headaches were nursed, minds were taken off the TV and, as usual, good local music remained (mostly) the focal point. Click on the links after the break and enjoy the show if you missed it last night. We understand why you might have, and we forgive you.