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The Show Report, 7/17: All SORTS of music to be seen and heard tonight

July 17, 2009

Short and simple. Lets get to the beef:

  • Sounds on the Square with Speakeasy (5 p.m.), The Guise (6 p.m.), The Scribbles (7 p.m.), One Soul N Heaven (8 p.m.) and Tuck & Abney (9 p.m.)
  • Dirty Old Towne at The Outland Ballroom
  • Black Box Revue at The Outland
  • The Dark Alleys, The Bootheel and Ghost Dance at Lindberg’s
  • The Shotgun Brothers at The High Life Live Martini Lounge
  • Pearl at Dennis’ Place
  • Underground Blues Division at Patton Alley Pub
  • Susan Cowsill at Nathan P. Murphy’s
  • Trash Angels at Archie’s Lounge

Album Review: Gold Tops, by The Bootheel

July 15, 2009

Picture2Consider this one of those rare occasions when a band’s description of itself actually fits. Most bands are prone to hyperbole when it comes to bio details, and that’s putting it mildly. Not so The Bootheel, which attaches the appropriately compact tag “aggressively Midwestern” to its sound.¬†On its debut EP, Gold Tops, the group combines elements of country, rock, punk and roots music to craft a sound that’s tough, simple and swells with an underlying emotional intensity. Oh, and aggression. Plenty of that, too.


The Show Report, 7/11: CDReleaseapalooza, Day Two: Get your boots on

July 11, 2009

We promised you more CD release party madness tonight, and, oh, are you getting it. The Bootheel is finally ready to present its six-song EP Gold Tops (album review coming shortly) to the masses tonight, and it does so with a shindig at The Outland Ballroom with Cooter Brown and Washington Irving. As if a show with that three-band package deal isn’t reason enough to brave the Ballroom heat, let’s expound on a couple of other details:

1. There is a fresh batch of Bootheel BBQ Sauce ready for sale at tonight’s show. See if this rings a bell:

2. You’re running out of chances to see Washington Irving in concert, so friggin’ do it already. Seriously. We just deployed the word “friggin'” for emphasis. Nineties-tinged indie rock is in your midst and going away soon. Get out and enjoy it.

That’s not even close to all that’s happening tonight:


Bootheel readies CD release show July 11

June 22, 2009

From left: Singer/guitarist Todd Balisle, drummer Warren Sandwell, guitarist Brandon Hebbert and bassist Dillon Rudder

Earlier this spring the members of local indie-meets-Southern rock group Bootheel traveled to Chicago for a recording session at The Electrical Audio, owned by recording legend Steve Albini. Great, but what came of the tracks? A handful were put up on the band’s MySpace page for public consumption, but we now receive word that more is on the way. The band has scheduled a CD release party at The Outland Ballroom with fellow performers Washington Irving and Cooter Brown. Not too many details yet regarding the album itself, but given the wild nature of the band’s shows we anticipate one helluva good time when this show goes down.

Billy Mays, eat your heart out

May 21, 2009

To mark the occasion of The Bootheel, The Cropdusters and By Hook Or Crook playing together in Springfield and Joplin on back-to-back nights–an event the bands are calling “The Two-Day Three-Way”–the members of The Cropdusters and The Bootheel wanted to collaborate and make something special for sale at the Outland Ballroom (Springfield) and Blackthorn Pizza (Joplin) concerts only… why not barbecue sauce? It is Memorial Day weekend, after all. When it came to pitching the new product, of course, the job could fall on no other shoulders than Bootheel drummer Warren Sandwell. We’ll let the hilarious (and not safe for work) results speak for themselves:

Rock Talk, 5/10: Mother…

May 11, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1So Mother’s Day came and went, as did our weekly Sunday-night local-music ritual known as Rock Talk on Z 106.7. Busy lavishing wonderfulness on Mom last night? It’s cool; you can listen to the entire episode after the break. In the mix you’re going to hear The Bootheel talking about its Outland Ballroom show with The Cropdusters, The Hundred Hand String Band discussing its trip to the MoKan Music Festival this weekend and Lebanon rockers Broken Bridge telling us about dedications to the troops, battles of the bands and the potential for getting locked out of the house. We also impersonate numerous things badly along the way. Listen and enjoy.


Bootheel unleashes new recordings

March 24, 2009


Local up-and-coming smash-twang group Bootheel are finally on the grid. They’ve just set up a Myspace page, which you can find here. Not only that, but they’ve been recording, too, and no basement pseudo-studio for them. See that city in the photo background? Look like Springfield? Nope. Click below and find out where the boys have been laying down tracks. Promise it’s worth it.