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BoogeyMen + Bukkake = Match made in heaven

October 8, 2009

boogeymenYou read that right and wrong, all at the same time. Daniel Maple, known best as Johnny Bukkake of The Sociables (he also plays in Urban Legend and The Never Saints and is the man behind Wired Woods Studio), confirmed this morning that he is now a member of The BoogeyMen. The band, known for its mask-wearing onstage personas and Morricone-meets-surf-rock songs, now has keyboards to add to its lineup of guitars, bass, drums and theremin. It’s the latest bit of good news for a band in the middle of a successful period, opening for Koffin Kats last weekend and preparing to go into the studio to record soon. What more awaits?

Local favorites, The Boogeymen to hit the studio

October 5, 2009


Just heard from Trent Wilson, ehm uh…I mean, Diablo Maximus, from The Boogeymen. Looks like the group will be hitting the studio on Wednesday, October 7 to begin recording. He said they’re hoping to have something ready by Halloween. Mwuhaha, perfect!

The Show Report, 8/6: Welcome Back…

August 6, 2009

Tonight reminds us of the joys of returning to the familiar, with two good examples to back it up:

* Eric Guinn plays his first show back tonight as the bassist for blues-rock group Trash Angels, who themselves are back in a familiar place–The Daily Pub, where they have been playing every Thursday night for years. Look for Guinn to bring out even more of the band’s rocker side.

* The Seed are back at Tonic Ultralounge. Wait, let’s back up a bit… Tonic (next to Big Whiskey’s on Park Central East) has been hosting weekly Thursday-night live music shows all summer, and The Seed’s performance ranks as one of the most memorable. Lance, Thom and Rico are back to give it another go in a spot they haven’t played in a couple of months but were a big hit in last time.

Also on tonight’s docket:


The Show Report, 7/9: Blow some candles for Courtney

July 9, 2009
Courtney Love, in one of her better moments. Nothing was beaten, burned, cursed at, urinated on or otherwise damaged or defiled in the making of this photo.

Courtney Love, in one of her better moments. Nothing was beaten, burned, cursed at, urinated on or otherwise damaged or defiled in the making of this photo.

It was brought to our attention earlier today that today is the 45th birthday (yes, you read that correctly) of former (and–maybesoon to be again) Hole frontwoman Courtney Love.

Is Courtney Love from Springfield, DeRosh? I don’t think so. 

Perhaps Ms. Love–or Miss World, if you will–is not herself a native Springfieldian, but any woman with that kind of chutzpah and ability to influence a generations of “riot grrrl” rock chicks is welcome here as far as we’re concerned. Our suggestion: Put on your best baby doll dress, smear lipstick on your face liberally* and head out to some of the following shows:

* We do not necessarily suggest doing this if you’re a guy.


The Show Report, 7/2: Absence makes the heart grow fonder

July 2, 2009

It’s not often we see A Fond Farewell on a concert lineup, but tonight the group emerges to play Nathan P. Murphy’s with impressive young singer-songwriters Anthony Narvaez and Blake Anderson. Don’t think the thoughtful songwriting ends with the openers, though; A Fond Farewell knows a thing or two about writing music both clever and catchy. Doors open at the customary 8 p.m.; watch for music to start around 9.

The Fourth of July may be just two days away, but we’re not limping into the holiday weekend musically. There’s plenty to see and hear tonight, including:


The Show Report, 6/25: We love fliers

June 25, 2009

june25flyer copyWe know the Cooter Brown/Bringers of the Dawn/Saracee show tonight at The Outland Ballroom will be a big show and a good one, but the truth is it is just one of several very good shows going on tonight. We lead with their show because, well, they provided a visual aid, and we like it. The flier depicts a man smashing himself in the head with a large bottle, and it’s remarkably well captured. Alright, enough flier talk. Cooter Brown, in our show-going experience, has really come into its own in recent months, and they team up with two solid groups with slightly experimental approaches to their music. It should make for a good expect-the-unexpected time.

Also happening tonight:


The Show Report, June 5: Who needs an imagination?

June 5, 2009
Our hands are gonna look like this tonight.

Our hands are gonna look like this tonight.

Tonight has been circled on the ol’ imaginary calendar at the ol’ imaginary FourFour HQ for some time now. That’s a lot of imagining, DeRosh. Might even classify as delusional. Got no time for haters tonight, sorry. There are simply too many really cool shows coming through our fair city; four nationally touring acts, for starters, an absurd spoil of riches for a Springfield in plain summer. Consider: Black Box Revue brings SSION back to The Outland tonight, a show that brought the house down back in December and which is anticipated to flirt heavily with the room’s fire-code capacity. (In other words, get there early if you’re going.) Upstairs at The Outland Ballroom is Forever Endeavor Productions‘ latest mega-show, hard-rock powerhouse Chiodos with Take It Back and The Closure.

A mile and a half north of there–measured by nothing less than the odometer on co-owner Eric Weiler‘s truck–John Paul Keith brings his excellent guitar touch and retro-rock and country-tinged music to Lindberg’s with openers The BoogeyMen, arguably the ideal local opener for this performance. Finally, a couple blocks west (and one block north) of the SSION and Chiodos shows is Moanin’ Michelle Malone at Nathan P. Murphy’s, bringing tough-yet-sultry folk rock to the stage in the latest installment of the Hot Rock & Blues summer concert series. Remember: You can get two tickets for the price of one at this show, but you have to mention that you read it here.

So that gets Friday started off right, eh? Want more? We’ll leave nothing to the imagination after the break.


The Show Report, 6/4: The Storyline continues

June 4, 2009

Like sands through the hourglass… wait, that’s a little too soap-opera for this occasion. It’s a big night for Storyline, but not a night for melodrama. Instead, the local power-pop band plays The Outland Ballroom tonight for its CD release party, along with opening act Escape From Maya. (If you haven’t heard the band’s new EP Welcome Home, by the way, it’s quite the enjoyable listen.) The rest of your live-music Thursday, of course, is after the break.


De-beard J.R. Top for charity

April 29, 2009

jr-topIt’s been more than a year since anyone has seen J.R. Top‘s chin. When the frontman for Sweetwater Abilene and Pilot Whale (and theremin player for The BoogeyMen) stopped shaving below the chin he had no idea he would wind up with the wavy auburn facial mane he sports today. But grow, curl and wave it did, and the result is arguably the most distinctive feature in the Springfield Music Scene.

Now Mr. Top’s beard is coming off for a good cause, and you can be the one with shears in hand to do it. Find out how after the break.

BoogeyMen get love from Fangoria Magazine

April 24, 2009


Fangoria Magazine, meet your perfect band. The national horror-movie fan magazine, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, came to Springfield yesterday to interview local horror-movie-inspired rock band The BoogeyMen for a special piece for its website. The magazine was also at The Outland last night to tape the band’s weekly Thursday-night show to broadcast online. We’ll let you know as soon as either or both of those items goes online. At last, Boogeymen frontman Diablo Maximus gets his time in the spotlight… well, his second time.

Local bands: Back on their grind

March 16, 2009

It’s one thing to talk up those big-occasion shows, the once-in-a-while concerts bands play that get the full treatment: fliers made and handed out, MySpace bulletins obsessively sent out, mass text messages painstakingly typed out down to the part that has to be done in all caps. A key component of local music, though, is the weekly show, the event that gets none of the above because that would mean a lot of work to do every week and, well, who has time between The Day Job, relationships and mowing down row after row of zombies on an X-Box 360 or Playstation 3? Yet bands come to their bars and restaurants and hold it down for hours at a time with little fanfare and, sometimes, little attendance. For that, we wanna give you some love, weekly warriors. Click below and find out who plays where and when; you might be surprised how many options you really do have on those off nights.