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Rev Theory adds a local to its lineup (for now)

October 8, 2009

JacobYou won’t see it on the band’s website, but Rev Theory, who has played Springfield a time or two, recently made a temporary change to its rhythm guitar player. The new guy: Jacob Showalter, best known in The Springfield Scene as guitarist for Playing With Matches. Showalter worked for a time as a bartender at downtown karaoke bar (and periodic live music spot) Bugsy Malone’s and still keeps in contact with the staff there, and the news was posted to the Bugsy’s events blog. It’s not a long-term move from the sound of it, but it opens up possibilities for the future. It has happened before, after all. We’ll let you know more as we find out.


New music from Queen City Saints

September 25, 2009

dorxw1.jpgIt’s been mere months since The Queen City Saints released its album Chorus of the Commoners, so one wouldn’t be surprised to wait awhile to see more new music. But this is not a band that shies away from a cause. To wit, the group just released a new single titled “Hero Of Midway,” a song written about, and in tribute to, American servicemen and women. “It’s about heroism, self sacrifice [sic], and overcoming obstacles that seem daunting to us all,” the band says via its MySpace blog.

All money made from the song will go to The Coming Home Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families in all facets of life when the soldiers return from service, with aid ranging from physical treatments to psychological care and counseling. The band says the song will also be submitted for inclusion on an album to be sold at USO shows overseas. It’s also available for you to buy online; find out more on the band’s MySpace page.

The Dirty Blondes announce final show

July 23, 2009

The Dirty Blondes, The Outland,

It’s been known for some time now that local punk rock stalwarts The Dirty Blondes are splitting up–they even kind of cryptically danced around the subject on The FourFour Show–but in the almost two months since there has been no follow-up announcement. Now, Blondes fans, take solace; you’ll have one last chance to wave goodbye as you (and they) thrash around the room. The Blondes will play their farewell show August 7 at The Outland Ballroom with Pilot Whale, The Disappointments and Rock Band-based, er, rock band The Vagina Massacre. The show will also be the CD release party for The Disappointments, and, if the Blondes’ MySpace blog is to be believed, its farewell, too. Two endings, a new album, a dance party and an impromptu Rock Band showcase… would you want any more from a Dirty Blondes show? You know, besides another show after it?

Never Shout Never deemed “Buzzworthy”

June 16, 2009
Photo by Snakebit Photography

Photo by Snakebit Photography

Joplin-based songwriter Christofer Drew, aka Never Shout Never, has been the subject of considerable local buzz in recent months. Nationwide touring, album recording and, most recently, a record/label deal with Warner Brothers has kept Drew, all of 19, on the tips of many tongues. Now, apparently, he has landed on that of MTV, as well. Never Shout Never was spotlighted yesterday on the cable “music network” with a post and video interview on its Buzzworthy blog. Of course, “Buzzworthy” is MTV’s series of artists the network believes you should keep an eye on for big things in the near future, sort of an evolution of its “Buzz Bin” from the ’80s, ’90s and early ’00s.

The interview covers five questions, and it gives the viewer a pretty good idea of Drew’s personality. You can watch the whole thing (run time 3:39 and totally work-safe) by clicking on these funny-colored words. Of course, the interview has almost nothing to do with Never Shout Never’s music (ah… “Music Television”…), so to learn more about the artist through his chosen medium give a listen by clicking here.

A Follow-up from Poor Man’s Vision

July 28, 2008

We recently posted a blog updating people that Poor Man’s Vision was back at it. They kindly followed up with more information…