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Sacrificial Lambs: Lineup announced for the next battle of the bands

September 30, 2009

LOG_Gwar_ShrineMosqueIt seems everyone discovered a winning formula with this summer’s Korn show at The Shrine Mosque: Book a big-ticket national act, set up a battle of the bands among big-drawing locals to determine the opener, apply revenue from the battle of the bands to help offset the cost of the big-ticket national act. The formula returns October 17 with another battle of the bands–this time at The Outland Ballroom, as opposed to Remmingtons Downtown–to determine the opening act for Lamb Of God when the band comes to the Shrine with Gwar and Job For A Cowboy November 7. The lineup? Glad you asked. Peep it after the break.



Vacation or competition? Rockaway Beach puts out APB for battle of the bands

July 27, 2009
Can a band take in a group vacation and a battle of the bands at the same time? For $75, the answer is yes.

Can a band take in a group vacation and a battle of the bands at the same time? For $75, the answer is yes.

It’s a Monday in the middle of summer, and we’re all back at work, merrily (or not so much) plugging away at routine blah-diddy-blah-blah… let’s talk about going to the lake, shall we? There seems to be a renewed interest in the concept of battles of the bands lately. (We’re getting to the “lake” part. Honest.) There’s a pretty good one coming up next week, and we periodically receive word of others in the works. The latest comes from Rockaway Beach, long the more chilled-out spot in the tri-lakes area next to Lake Taneycomo, which has set up a multi-day competition for the end of August. That’s right: Music competition at the height of lake season. When your band is done playing its set, it’s time for fun in the sun! Get more details after the break.


More info on Bloody Battle of the Bands 8/6

June 17, 2009
So as soon as you're done you give me a ballot and I can go vote for Vampire Weekend, right? ...what do you mean they're not playing? Shit... I need a cookie.

So as soon as you're done you give me a ballot and I can go vote for Vampire Weekend, right? ...what do you mean they're not playing? Damn... I need a cookie.

The call is out to high school bands in Springfield and surrounding areas to participate in a most unusual event. You may recall a previous post where we told you about the upcoming Bloody Battle of the Bands at Remmingtons Southside, in which the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks has high-school bands compete in 20-minute sets from 3 to 9 p.m. for a prize package including eight hours of free recording time at Studio 2100. To vote for bands, those in attendance donate a pint of blood in exchange for a ballot. Cool idea, eh? Well, we officially got the APB from the CBCO’s Jeff Houghton: High-school bands interested in playing can contact him at to register or for more information. For eight hours of time in one of the city’s elite studios, plus a whole lot more–additional prizes are still being worked out at this time–it seems like very worthy use of a young band’s time. Additionally, high-school-age bands tend to carry devoted fanbases, so attendance (and, therefore, donations) should hopefully be strong. Did we mention it’s a big local show in the middle of summer?! Lots of intrigue all around. Let the bloody battle begin.

Bloody Battle of the Bands coming to Remington’s August 6

May 27, 2009

What’s going on, DeRosh? They’re allowing bloodsports at Remington’s now?! I thought that was owned by a church! What next? Is Jean-Claude Van Damme flying in for it?!

No, but what a great emcee idea… anyway, no, they’re not bringing kickboxing to Remington’s Southside, but rather an innovative approach for a local battle of the bands in the name of a good cause. We’ve got details after the break.


Bring on the subs!

May 7, 2009
We mean substitute musicians. But this IS making us hungry.

We mean substitute musicians, though bands may need these by the end of Saturday night, too.

The Battle for Korn show at Remmingtons Downtown, pitting seven local hard-rock acts against one another to open for the pseudo-metal icons, is two days away, and the anticipation ratchets up another notch with each passing day. Apparently, so does the intrigue. First comes word that All Kills Aside will bring back its original bassist, Clancy Leakey, who left the group for personal reasons in January. Next comes the news that Brand Of Freak‘s drummer was seriously injured in an accident (not life-threatening) and will be replaced for that band’s set by local drumming do-it-all John Anderson. These bands aren’t playing around, people. When the prize is raising the curtain on the biggest rock show Springfield has seen in years, we honestly wouldn’t expect anything less. Our only question is, what will the next 48 hours hold?

Rock Talk: (5/3/09) Future Leaders of the World, Glass Bottom Boat Ride, Screwtape Letters, & KORN BOTB roundup

May 4, 2009


We had a packed 2 hours on Rock Talk this week. First off, Phil Taylor of Future Leaders of the World (of “Let Me Out” fame) stopped by while he was in town to give us an exclusive listen to a track off the new Future Leaders album. After that, Glass Bottom Boat Ride stopped in and talked about their upcoming Dead Day show next Friday that is doubling as a DVD shoot. They also rock us with some acoustic tracks as well. After them, The Screwtape Letters stopped in and showed us some of their new music from their upcoming album and plug their upcoming “fund raiser” show next weekend. Last and not least, we play a song from every band battling it out next weekend at the battle to open for KORN. 7 local rock/metal bands dukin’ it out for the right to open for KORN.

Tons of fun and great music! Listen in after the break.


Your battle for Korn contestants are…

April 13, 2009
Contestants, please note: You do NOT get to borrow the mic stand.

Contestants, please note: You do NOT get to borrow the mic stand.


This weekend has been a whirlwind of activity, with Korn confirmed at The Shrine Mosque for May 29 and a battle of the bands settled upon as the means to decide the local opener for the show. We’ve received the final word on the acts that will compete for the big prize, and we have the full list after the break.


Who’s opening for Korn? Decide yourself!

April 11, 2009

Word just came to us that the local opener for the May 29 Korn show at The Shrine Mosque will be decided by a battle of the bands at Remmington’s Downtown on May 9. This news came our way courtesy of local metal group Extreme Hate Frequency, who is already soliciting votes for show night, so we assume they are one of the bands involved in the contest. No word yet on who else will take part, but as soon as we find out you will too.

Changes to Palen Music’s closed-door sale: Bands, put down your weapons!

March 26, 2009

palenspringfieldsouthBrandon Welch, director of online sales for Palen Music Center in Springfield, wrote to inform us that there have been a handful of changes made to this Saturday’s closed-door sale. The sale is something of a tradition at Palen, but the store was working in some cool new wrinkles to make an otherwise special day into a mega-event. Well… who’s up for Plan B? We’ll tell you what it is after the break.


NO, really. How much event CAN Palen Music pack into one day?

March 11, 2009

palenspringfieldsouthLast summer’s battle of the bands at Palen Music was a resounding success, with bands from all genres and age groups performing for a panel of judges throughout the day inside the store and in the neighboring parking lot. The event was so successful, in fact, that Palen is bringing it back in conjunction with another of its extravaganzas; the combination might be the most mind-blowing day ever organized in our local record stores. Read more about it after the break.


Ready to send a local band to Wakarusa 2009?

February 16, 2009

As of this writing, we’re a mere 11 days from the annual Waka Winter Classic, a regional competition taking place in clubs across the United States to send its winners to the concert stage at Wakarusa. Springfield’s concert is Friday, February 27 at the Outland Ballroom, and we just got the list of bands today. Click the link below and see who you could be sending to one of America’s best music festivals.


Get your band on Wakarusa 2009(?)

December 17, 2008
Okay, it's not exactly Sharks v. Jets--we hope--but expect the competition for Wakarusa spots to be intense.

Okay, it's not exactly Sharks v. Jets--we hope--but expect the competition for Wakarusa spots to be intense.

If long odds are your thing, listen up: just opened its page for Wakarusa 2009, which it confirms as taking place June 4-7 at Mulberry Mountain in Ozark, Arkansas.


And Your Palen Music Battle of the Bands Winners Are…

July 27, 2008

So Palen Music did something pretty cool…they had a battle of the bands—and it rocked!
A total of twelve bands played on the competition stage. All while HUGE sales were going on and (on top of that) bands were jamming on the upper level inside the store. Being a customer of Palen for over 10 years, this was pretty cool to see. The event had a panel of judges so it WAS NOT a popularity contest. Huge props to Palen for that. Thanks to Palen for putting the event on and to Quinn from Palen for organizing and making the event run smoothly—even after the weather turned and we had to move inside. 

More info and see who won after the jump.