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The Short Histories of Powerful Nations: Invading a music club near you

July 29, 2009

the-short-histories-of-powerful-nations-the-underground-42509-by-thefourfourcom-springfields-music-blogBolstered by the release of its long-awaited album A Brief Treatise On Land Ownership Vol 1, The Short Histories of Powerful Nations (pause for breath) is booking shows like we’ve never seen the progressive-intellectual-rock band do before. Lest you think we’re kidding, take a look at this schedule:



What’s old is new again: Trash Angels say goodbye to their bassist… and replace him with their previous one

July 28, 2009

Trash Angels logo“You say goodbye, and I say hello.” When Paul McCartney sang that line he was certainly not referring to Trash Angels–they didn’t exist in 1968, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg–but it seems appropriate given the latest news surrounding the band. The group officially announced last evening that its current bass player, Landon Rolfe, is leaving the group and that Rolfe’s last official show with the band will be Wednesday night at Harlow’s. (He will play with the band for the last time Monday night at Dennis’ Place during the weekly blues jam, but due to that show’s nature the band is not labeling it an “official” gig.) 

In Rolfe’s place steps Eric Guinn beginning Thursday, August 6 at The Daily Pub. Does the name sound familiar? It should; Guinn was the group’s bassist before Rolfe. This being Trash Angels, of course, there is a gig in between Rolfe’s departure and Guinn’s arrival, taking place next Thursday at The Daily Pub. Who will fill that? None other than Speakeasy/Urban Legend bass chameleon Reed Heron in a special one-night-only appearance. Ooooh, the possibilities there…

Mark Bilyeu is taking over Lindberg’s in August. Call it Lindbilyeu.

July 27, 2009

Mark BilyeuLindberg’s and Big Smith singer and guitarist Mark Bilyeu have a special attachment going back many years in Springfield. Lindy’s was the room Bilyeu cut his teeth in as a showgoer and as a musician in the days of the bar’s original incarnation, and he’s made several appearances since as a performer. Nothing like next month, however, when Bilyeu will be playing a solo show every Wednesday night from 8 to 10 p.m. It’s the first weekly gig Bilyeu has taken on that we’re aware of since the days of Blame Lord Killjoy in spring of last year. The shows are scheduled so far to begin this Wednesday, July 29 and continue through the entire month of August, all with identical 8 p.m. start times and $4 covers. 

On a related note, how busy are Wednesday nights in Springfield now? Bilyeu at Lindberg’s joins Urban Legend at High Life, Greasy Chair at Patton Alley Pub, weekly bookings at Dennis’ Place and the occasionally resurrected Punk Rock Wednesday at The Outland. Who needs a weekend?

Vacation or competition? Rockaway Beach puts out APB for battle of the bands

July 27, 2009
Can a band take in a group vacation and a battle of the bands at the same time? For $75, the answer is yes.

Can a band take in a group vacation and a battle of the bands at the same time? For $75, the answer is yes.

It’s a Monday in the middle of summer, and we’re all back at work, merrily (or not so much) plugging away at routine blah-diddy-blah-blah… let’s talk about going to the lake, shall we? There seems to be a renewed interest in the concept of battles of the bands lately. (We’re getting to the “lake” part. Honest.) There’s a pretty good one coming up next week, and we periodically receive word of others in the works. The latest comes from Rockaway Beach, long the more chilled-out spot in the tri-lakes area next to Lake Taneycomo, which has set up a multi-day competition for the end of August. That’s right: Music competition at the height of lake season. When your band is done playing its set, it’s time for fun in the sun! Get more details after the break.


The Voyage Ends: We Voyagers announce their split

July 24, 2009

We VoyagersIt’s no secret that school obligations is the number-one cause of band deaths in America today. (“Settling down” is a close second.) Its latest victim is local high school indie group We Voyagers, who will soon be losing singer Tim Peacock to an arts college in Florida. The band has scheduled a farewell show Sunday, August 16 at Randy Bacon Photography Studio & Gallery, where the group will debut its completed album Bon Voyage (is that a prophetic title or what) while performing with The Scribbles and Twelvish Trees. The door charge is $3, which might be the most affordable show we’ve ever seen at the gallery, and according to the band all proceeds will go to the El Salvador-based Los Angeles Refugee Camp.

Because four nights a week isn’t enough: Trash Angels add weekly Sunday-night shows

July 23, 2009

trashangelsgoThere may be no band in the city of Springfield that works as much as Trash Angels does. The local blues and rock group can be seen and heard onstage almost any night of the week, with the exception of a brief respite coming up to record its next album, and even that won’t be a long break. Frankly, they like it that way; guitarist Donnie Ray professes to being most comfortable when performing, and the band is one of the few in town that can make a living exclusively through playing music. So it comes as no great surprise that Trash Angels has added another weekly show to its already-busy schedule (they currently play weekly Monday shows at Dennis’ Place and Thursdays at The Daily Pub, as well as weekend shows at various clubs); the surprise comes in the location: Classics Sports Cafe & Bar inside the Clarion Hotel (3333 S. Glenstone Ave.),where the band will be playing every Sunday night beginning August 2. Rock inside a sports bar/hotel bar? It’s not as far-fetched as one might think; the bar has hosted DJs and poker tournaments in the past, so why not a full-fledged concert? We just hope Donnie Ray doesn’t attempt to play his wireless guitar while making a trip to and from the men’s restroom; the closest one to the bar is down a hallway leading back into the hotel. Then again, maybe we do want him to try it…

East Coast coming to SWMO? Honest Music Alliance moving near Branson Landing

July 1, 2009
Tessa and Kyle Reidy, from a photo shoot for their band Loops & Stars.

Tessa and Kyle Reidy, from a photo shoot for their band Loops & Stars.

We recently got an intriguing email about the relocation of Kyle and Tessa Reidy, owners of The Honest Music Alliance, which is currently based in Raleigh, North Carolina. It seems Mr. Reidy is originally from Harrison, Arkansas and wants to be closer to his original home, and he’s bringing his PR company (Honest Music Alliance), record label (Ring Road Records), bands (Mar and Loops & Stars) and a proposed music venue with him… to Branson.



Your last chances to catch Washington Irving are

June 30, 2009

Washington Irving, Outland Ballroom, TK

Add one more band to the list of those splitting up. Local indie-rock group Washington Irving announced it will be parting ways in early August due to the departure of guitarist and singer Brett O’Neal for school in Illinois. But while the band’s time as an active member of the local scene is nearing completion–save possibly for an occasional “reunion” show when O’Neal comes back to Springfield–there are still three chances on the schedule to see the group. Learn more after the break.


Let’s talk Ozark Empire Fair for a minute…

June 22, 2009

In all the hubbub of activity and shows coming in the near future, one annual event has slipped through the cracks so far: The Ozark Empire Fair, home to live music and livestock odor, as well as rides, play areas and fried things on sticks. While we anxiously await the return of corn dogs and homestyle root beer, it’s the fair’s diverse show calendar we’re most intrigued by. We’ll break it down for you on the clickthrough.


Weiss family (from mewithoutYou), Damien Jurado and Psalters coming to Outland Ballroom

June 10, 2009
Aaron Weiss of mewithoutYou

Aaron Weiss of mewithoutYou

After a series of hard rock and metal-show bookings, Forever Endeavor Productions appears ready to change the pace a bit. They’ve got just the show to do it with: brothers Aaron and Michael Weiss of Philadelphia indie-folk act mewithoutYou are set to headline a show at The Outland Ballroom August 22 with openers Damien Jurado and Psalters. It’s an eclectic collection of musicians, to be sure; Psalters is frenetic, percussion-laden folk, while Jurado’s brand of acoustic music is far more sparse and downtempo. Then, of course, the Weiss brothers’ catalog–at least with mewithoutYou–turns the energy and pace back up while adding a diverse group of instruments into the mix. It will be interesting to see what they break out with a different group of backing artists onstage. Whatever it is, it almost certainly won’t be something kids can mosh to. Door time is slated for 7 p.m.; we’ll have ticket information as soon as it comes available.

The Sociables are back! August 22 at Patton Alley Pub

April 29, 2009

sociables1Word just came today from Sociables keyboardist Daniel Maple that the rap-funk power outfit will get back together August 22 for its first show since splitting up–er, going on hiatus–last November. The show will feature the band’s full lineup and will happen at Patton Alley Pub. We remember hearing when the group originally took its break that there may be some reunion shows here and there in the future; consider this the first of such shows, perhaps. Regardless of the reason or circumstance, it’s good to see one of Springfield’s more unusual and musically proficient acts coming back to a local stage. We just hope Reunion Show #2 isn’t another nine months after the first one.

The Rugs to begin recording new album in August

February 26, 2009

Schuchmann (left) and Dampier (right)

We recently received word from Eric Schuchmann, guitarist and co-songwriter for The Rugs, that the group will finally head back into the studio in August to begin recording a new album. Why August? Schuchmann says the band wants to wait until after singer Matt Dampier’s wedding, which is certainly noble reasoning. There’s no official word yet on a release date, but given schedule differences, distance (singer Dampier lives in Kansas City, while the rest of the group is in Springfield) and the group’s it’s-done-when-we’re-happy-with-it nature, we wouldn’t expect a pressed copy before late 2009 or early ’10.

The band’s last release was the single “Magic 8 Ball,” released last November on Moodring Records. The last full album was 2008’s Vacuum.

Rot Gut Glory on the pages of Buzzbin Magazine!

August 5, 2008

Very, very cool stuff. Check it out after the jump.