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Rock Talk (9/13/09): FourFourFest compilation preview with guest hosts Johan from Black Box Revue and Toad from Cropdusters

September 14, 2009


So…if you haven’t heard yet, we’re throwing a freakin’ block party on South Ave. between Walnut and McDaniel this Saturday from 11am–11pm with 18 bands, DJ tent all day, food, and more! We’re also tying in a compilation CD featuring 16 of the acts performing (available for only $5 at festival!).

This week on Rock Talk, we preview the compilation in its entirety along with our co-hosts and festival headliners, Johan from Black Box Revue and Toad from Cropdusters (we also feature some great music from our two headliners as well) 🙂

Listen in now…and buy the compilation at the fest!


The Show Report, 7/23: Homecoming in July

July 23, 2009

Tonight brings two Springfield residents–one past, one present–back to the city for a big show. Future Leaders of the World, fronted by onetime Springfield resident Phil Taylor and the band responsible for this hit song, headlines The Outland Ballroom tonight with Formant, Assembly Line Gods and Glass Bottom Boat Ride. Also back in town is FLOW bassist and Formant guitarist Erik McGreevy, who will be doing double duty during the last two sets of the night. It’s a triumphant return for both men, each of whom has strong ties to the city and both of whom have worked hard to make the return of FLOW a success. So consider tonight’s show a celebration of sorts, and prepare to party accordingly. We’ll be there, along with the crew from Z 106.7 FM and Ozarks Live Productions, and we all like talking music over a beer. Find us and partake.

Elsewhere in Your Music Scene tonight:


CONTEST: Win tickets to tomorrow night’s Future Leaders of the World show!

July 22, 2009

FLOW_11x17_WEBIt’s an extremely busy week from concerts, and if you were at either or both of the Threat Signal/The Autumn Offering and Hurt/Sick Puppies shows you have exactly one night off until your next chance to rock out: tomorrow night’s Outland Ballroom show with Future Leaders of the World, Formant, Glass Bottom Boat Ride and Assembly Line Gods. The all-ages show is $12 at the door… except if you’re one of the lucky, alert people who wins a pair of tickets in our giveaway. Get details after the break and be ready!


Z106.7, Ozarks Live Productions and TheFourFour present Future Leaders of the World July 23 @ Outland Ballroom

July 16, 2009


Z106.7, Ozarks Live Productions and present:

Future Leaders of the World
Thursday, July 23

Outland Ballroom
w/Formant, Glass Bottom Boat Ride, Assembly Line Gods, and The Final Piece

Catch FLOW on Rock Talk Sunday July 19 from 10-midnight as we debut 3 never before heard FLOW tracks plus a phoner interview with Phil Taylor.

We’ll be giving away 2 sets of tickets on Thursday (day of show). Stay tuned for details.

Album Review: Shelter For My Enemy, by Assembly Line Gods

July 9, 2009

AssemblyLineGods_SFMESounding like a cross between early Tool and Dirt-era Alice In Chains, Assembly Line Gods go for dark menace mixed with a hint of the demonic from the outset of Shelter For My Enemy. “The Devil always wins,” singer David Samples snarls over his bandmates’ punctuated, chug-and-thump instrumentation on “Liberty Bell.” He’s referring to himself, by the way, and though you may not buy into the notion on this first track on the four-song EP, by the end it’s hard not to wonder.


The Show Report, 7/9: Blow some candles for Courtney

July 9, 2009
Courtney Love, in one of her better moments. Nothing was beaten, burned, cursed at, urinated on or otherwise damaged or defiled in the making of this photo.

Courtney Love, in one of her better moments. Nothing was beaten, burned, cursed at, urinated on or otherwise damaged or defiled in the making of this photo.

It was brought to our attention earlier today that today is the 45th birthday (yes, you read that correctly) of former (and–maybesoon to be again) Hole frontwoman Courtney Love.

Is Courtney Love from Springfield, DeRosh? I don’t think so. 

Perhaps Ms. Love–or Miss World, if you will–is not herself a native Springfieldian, but any woman with that kind of chutzpah and ability to influence a generations of “riot grrrl” rock chicks is welcome here as far as we’re concerned. Our suggestion: Put on your best baby doll dress, smear lipstick on your face liberally* and head out to some of the following shows:

* We do not necessarily suggest doing this if you’re a guy.


Assembly Line Gods releases “Shelter For My Enemy” on

July 8, 2009

Assembly Line Gods' rockin' 4 song debut EP available for only $3.56!

Today marks the official release of local rockers, Assembly Line Gods, first EP entitled “Shelter For My Enemy.” They’ve been working hard on this release recording at Studio 2100. Details on the super rockin’ and super cheap 4-song EP after the break…


The Show Report, 6/27: UNITY!

June 27, 2009

Tonight is the night the Springfield Music Scene brings together a wide variety of genres under one roof (Remmington’s Downtown) for the sake of, well, just showing it can be done. Roots Of Mankind, Queen City Saints,  Jam Room, The Spacetones, Falcon Punch, We Voyagers and Only the Brave will all grace the stage tonight, with an added plus: The show also marks the release party for Roots Of Mankind’s new album, Pangaea. While we can’t definitively say a show such as this has never happened before, we can say having this many music styles (as many as six, by our count) under one roof for one show has never happened in our memory. Watch for a gi-normous crowd–hopefully staying through the whole show–and a positive, even festive mood throughout the room.

Ah, but if you’re like us, you like to travel around a bit. Well, have we got a lineup for you:


Stimulate THIS: Scarswillfade reunite–for a low-dough show!

June 17, 2009

LowDoughFlierThe Fliermakers are calling it The Economic Stimulus Show, and it’s hard to disagree. Consider: Not only is Scarswillfade getting back together after a long break away from a stage, but the band’s first show back is headlining at Nathan P. Murphy’s June 27 with Assembly Line Gods, The Final Piece, Knife*Death and Change Today for–get this–a $2 cover. Scarswillfade also says it’s working on all-new material and, as they put it, “saying goodbye to all the old songs.” A show full of never-heard-before stuff?! It could be a reality. Find out June 27; hell, it will only cost you $2 anyway.

SHOW REPORT: Ozarks Live brings Black Tie Vendetta

May 28, 2009


This Thursday hasn’t started out the best with FOG. FOG…srsly? Well screw it, there’s a ton of great stuff going on tonight to  tease us of the weekend. Get out of the house and enjoy a good show or two with some friends.

Our featured show tonight is a touring act out of Texas by the name of Black Tie Vendetta and brought to you by Ozarks Live Productions. These guys are like a more radio-friendly 36CrazyFists (which I am personally a big fan of) so this is going to be a lot of fun. Stop by their MySpace…we recommend checking out “Caught In A Crowd” or “Armed & Ready.” This show is ALL AGES and starts at 8pm. In support will be locals Formant, Assembly Line Gods and 7 Dollar Stereo out of Lebanon. At $10, you’ll get a great rock show worth blowing off “Must See TV” for a night.

Click through for a bunch of other great shows going on tonight…


Rock Talk 5/17, ft. Assembly Line Gods, Extreme Hate Frequency, John Henry & The Engine

May 19, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1We rocked it hard on Z 106.7’s Rock Talk this week. Really hard. Local metal group Assembly Line Gods dropped in early and happened to bring instruments in hand. Sweet, we thought; how ’bout a couple songs? They obliged with a couple of outstanding acoustic renditions of tunes you’ll recognize if you’ve seen them live. Extreme Hate Frequency followed that up with some album tracks and talk of opening for Stemm this Saturday night at The Outland Ballroom. Finally, John Henry of John Henry & The Engine joined us via telephone line to discuss influences, the joys of playing Springfield and the next opportunity to do so–this Saturday at The Outland. To put a nice bow on the evening, we wrapped up with Four from The FourFour, a very non-metal collection of songs by artists breaking up, playing festivals, rockin’ old school and, well, that we just really like. Give it all a listen after the break.


Ozarks Live presents Tragic Orange at the Ballroom tonight

April 1, 2009


New rock artist Tragic Orange stops in Springfield tonight at The Outland Ballroom. Yeah we noticed the hot chick too. She’s the freakin’ DRUMMER! Tragic Hit 1 under Top Indie Alternative, Rock and Metal Artist earlier this year and have toured with acts like Saliva and Cold. Check them out on Myspace here and give them a listen. More info on the April Fool’s day show after the jump…


Ready for more Homegrown? March 28 w/Super String Theory, Assembly Line Gods, Knife*Death

March 24, 2009

homegrownQ102 is on a roll. The last Homegrown concert with Levee, Berlin Drop and Bender drew a raucous crowd to Nathan P. Murphy’s to rock out like it was 1976. To keep the momentum going, the station is taking its monthly rock show in another direction: free-range prog rock. Let’s get experimental, shall we? Super String Theory headlines this month’s edition of Homegrown, along with metal up-and-comers Assembly Line Gods and the barely controlled madness known as Knife*Death. They’ll all pile into the Outland Ballroom High Life Live Martini Lounge Saturday night (March 28) under the sweet lighting and audio system. Trip-the-light fantastic? Quite possibly.