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The Albatross: Thankfully, John Lydon has no say in it. ***UPDATED***

August 18, 2009

AlbatrossIf you need further proof of how music-obsessed we are, look no further than the business opening in what was formerly the Indie Clothing location immediately west of Jimmy John’s. It’s named “The Albatross,” which, it seems, could be made to have one of two associations:

The Normal Person Association: “Oh, yeah, that’s a kind of bird, right?”

The FourFour Association: “Did they just name a business after that overly long Public Image Ltd. song that led off Metal Box?! That’s awesome!!!”

It’s a sickness, really, and we blameĀ John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten of Sex Pistols fame) moaning the lines “Getting rid of the albatross… sowing the seeds of discontent…” for exacerbating it. The business’s logo features a bird in it anyway, so we were shot down pretty quickly. But for a few weeks now that logo was the only bit of info we had about the place… until now. It appears to be an idea with potential for staying power and contentment, so you can safely tell Mr. Lydon to buzz off… admittedly, at your own risk. Read on for details about a fresh new wrinkle in Springfield’s music and nightlife.