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FourFourFest 2009: Local music gets its day with 18 bands on South Street, 2 stages, all day…FREE

September 3, 2009

Local music, now is your time. You ask for something big for local music and here it is. We took submissions for two weeks back in July and had hoped there would be a lot of interest in the 16 spots available for the event’s performers and on its accompanying for-charity compilation CD. The results were even better than we could have hoped for. More than 50 bands sent material in, making the already unsavory job of whittling down bands we like that much more difficult. After a lot of careful consideration, we believe we’ve put together an outdoor all-local music festival representative and worthy of The Springfield Scene.

We’re shutting down South Street for an entire day between McDaniel and Walnut on Saturday, September 19. We’re putting 2 stages and a DJ tent on it to run from roughly 11:30am–11:00pm with music going all day. There will be food available and cool sponsors showing you what they’re all about. There will also be a few bars open all day as well to serve as beer gardens (being that you can’t have alcohol on a public street thanks to Springfield’s open container law). Regardless, this will be a day full of fun and music with 18 bands + DJ’s spinning all day, on South Street and best of all…its free.

Get more info and the list of this year’s performers with links to their music so you can check them out…


All Kills Aside loses bassist and drummer

June 22, 2009

AKAWord came down today from local metal group All Kills Aside, which released a lengthy statement today outlining its apparent departure from the music scene. It’s a bit of a surprise, but the reasons the band gives are sound. Details after the break.


Kurtzender: Dirty Blondes announce breakup during FourFour Show interview

May 13, 2009

The Dirty Blondes, The Outland,

We just got a call from Kurtzender, host of The FourFour Show, telling us that Dirty Blondes singer Ran Cummings announced his band’s breakup during an interview filmed yesterday for this Friday’s episode. (The band’s MySpace appears to corroborate this.) Kurtzender didn’t elaborate on details regarding the split, but he tells us Cummings came on the show specifically to make the announcement, so we would suspect that the show interview delves into it in more detail. We’ll wait to see what the show turns up Friday morning, and if more details seem needed we’ll get them.

BIG Forever Endeavor announcement today at 5 p.m.

May 11, 2009

Two-thousand and nine has been Forever Endeavor Productions‘ kind of year so far. Every show has been an impressive booking, and those bookings have been met with equally impressive crowds, if not moreso. Don’t believe us? Take this show, for example. So when the group tells us they’ve got a huge show announcement coming today at 5 p.m., we sit up and pay attention. We speculate a little, too, of course… a returning successful act from the past year, such as Murder By Death? Another roll-of-the-dice show to push Springfield’s envelope, a la Henry Rollins? Hard to say; mum is the word until the clock strikes 5. Then we suggest hitting up Forever Endeavor’s MySpace as soon as it does.