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The Show Report, 5/20: A what flex?

May 20, 2009

MAY20TH336x420ADMATBALLROOMNot a Soloflex, a Bobaflex, or rather the Bobaflex, though the band’s show at The Outland Ballroom tonight should still be good for a helluva workout. The metal act–which, believe it or not, has been together more than 10 years–comes to town tonight with Adakain and a bevy of good local openers: All Kills Aside, Six Shots Till Dawn and Troy. The whole Ozarks Live Productions shebang starts tonight at 8 p.m., but if you’re feeling particularly adventurous we suggest ponying up an extra three bucks to get in the High Life Live Martini Lounge door, as well. Then you can barhop between the upstairs bedlam and the smooth downstairs grooves of Urban Legend, the High Life’s weekly gathering of live musicians who improv hip hop tracks with the help of DJ Platinum. Now you can dance or trash your Hump Day doldrums away. Is there a better workout than that?

Ozarks Live Productions keeps the rock coming

January 6, 2009

jan6th11x17finalballroom300dpiWhen it comes to bringing traveling rock acts to Springfield, local concert promoters are positively relentless. The latest round of concert announcements is upon us, and Ozarks Live Productions has looked into its crystal ball to bring us a series of exciting up-and-coming bands. Catch a star on the rise? You just might. Check the sked after the break.