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New Music Tuesday: Meet Bomb the Bay

October 6, 2009
Bomb the Bay

Photo by Brian DeMint of Eyeworks Photography

We mentioned in a previous post that one of the big concerts on Springfield’s horizon was the debut show of newly formed rock group Bomb the Bay, which features a combination of members of A Day Away, Glass Bottom Boat Ride and Playing With Matches. Longtime Springfield showgoers could imagine the fruits of that combo already, but now we have finished and recorded tracks to listen to from the new group. The band released a three-song sampler CD to hand out in promotion of its show November 14 at The Outland Ballroom with Speak Up!, Benefit of a Doubt and Uno. Didn’t get one? Click here to listen to “A Perfect Disaster,” “Spacebar” and “Give It Away.”

Welcome Back: Music News Edition

September 24, 2009

Jordan45“When I come back like Jordan, wearin’ the four-five, it ain’t to play games with you…” –Jay-Z

Really, DeRosh? A Jay-Z quote? You trying to be Hova now?! Nope. It’s just finally back to business as usual around here. Earlier we caught you up on the slew of big-ticket concerts put together in the time we spent planning FourFourFest; now it’s time to get you up to speed on the non-concert-related music news. This is a news website, after all. No more playing games; it’s time to get to it. We’ll dunk on your music news after the break.


Now on iTunes: Can’t Be Too Jumpy’s first EP

December 22, 2008

cantbetoojumpyMan, didn’t we just see them play a concert for the first time, DeRosh? Yes, you did, December 12 at Sparrows. Welcome to the accelerated career trajectory of Can’t Be Too Jumpy–not surprising, really, since half the band consists of former members of A Day Away and, well, that group already went through the same process the old-fashioned (read: slow) way. The four-song EP, titled Digital, is available for $3.96 in the iTunes Music Store. Stuff your iStocking with it, yo!

A Day Away Is No More

November 21, 2008

a-day-awayIt’s been a tough year for local music in terms of big-drawing acts coming to an end. We lost Playing With Matches in the spring, The Whitest Light last week and now comes the news that A Day Away is completely done.


Members of A Day Away’s new band, Can’t Be Too Jumpy (new music!)

November 18, 2008


A Day Away is taking a break. That doesn’t mean they’re not making music. In the meantime, members of A Day Away (guitarist/vocalist Kevin and drummer Tommy) have started a new project called Can’t Be Too Jumpy. They’ve got new music up and its hella fun (yes, hella) and worth a listen.


Benefit for local musician hit by car

October 13, 2008

We just caught word of this late last night from Dan Magnum of Forever Endeavor Productions. Tommy, drummer of A Day Away and Springfield’s famous drumming group The Cadence, was hit by a car…yes I said hit by a car. He’s hurt really bad and needs support from the music community to help him get by. 

Fellow musicians to the rescue. A bunch of big names in the Springfield music scene are working together to put on a benefit show to help raise money so Tommy can pay some bills while he’s laid up.

Full show info, flyer, and A Day Away’s blog post after the jump…