Rev Theory adds a local to its lineup (for now)


JacobYou won’t see it on the band’s website, but Rev Theory, who has played Springfield a time or two, recently made a temporary change to its rhythm guitar player. The new guy: Jacob Showalter, best known in The Springfield Scene as guitarist for Playing With Matches. Showalter worked for a time as a bartender at downtown karaoke bar (and periodic live music spot) Bugsy Malone’s and still keeps in contact with the staff there, and the news was posted to the Bugsy’s events blog. It’s not a long-term move from the sound of it, but it opens up possibilities for the future. It has happened before, after all. We’ll let you know more as we find out.


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2 Responses to “Rev Theory adds a local to its lineup (for now)”

  1. Jacob Showalter Says:

    Hey it’s Jacob here. Since this all has the look of second or third
    hand information, I’ll give you the real scoop.
    I have been rev theory’s guitar/bass tech for around a year now.
    On the first show of a recent tour in Canada, our rhythm guitar
    player, Julien Jorgensen, had an unfortunate incident and
    injured his hand pretty badly. Being at the beginning of a run in Canada,
    we were unprepared to find a replacement player who was available,
    had a passport, etc. So the next day I hammered out 8 or so songs
    with the band and played the remaining shows.

    Today we are starting the first of a two leg tour
    opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd. We’re still not sure how
    long it will be until Julien can perform again, so for the time
    being, I will continue to fill in. I will reiterate that I am
    JUST a fill-in. I saw on another site which I will not name
    that I was the new guitar player for rev theory,
    which is NOT true. Thanks for your time, and I hope
    this answers all your questions.

    • thederosh Says:

      AWESOME, Jacob. Thanks for jumping in and setting it absolutely straight. Tell ya what; this deserves its own post. I’ll put your story up there shortly.

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