Z106.7 is now 106.7 The River ***UPDATED***



As of noon today (Thusday, October 1), Journal Broadcast Group changed the format of 106.7 FM. Z106.7, the main competition in the modern-rock segment with Q102.1 FM, has now been replaced with 106.7 The River. The River will be a jockless, music-intensive station that will play the largest variety of any station in Springfield, with songs spanning 5 decades from the 60’s to now. We have more details about the switch after the break.

***UPDATE: We’ve included the official press release from the station after the break, as well.***

Journal Broadcast Group had been conducting a number of listener surveys recently. In these listeners asked for more variety and more music with fewer ads. That’s exactly the goal of The River. The station will play songs from the ’60s until now, will be jockless all the time and will have commercial-free weekends. The station will also feature online streaming, perfect for the workplace (see their website: http://www.1067theriver.com/). It will have five direct competitors in 104.7 The Cave, Star 105.1, Alice 95.5, 105.9 KGBX and US 97.3

In other news, Z106.7 program director Simon Nytes will now be the new program director of Power 96.5. The station is keeping all Z106.7 staff at this time to work other positions within the company. Former 96.5 program director Valerie Knight will be the new program director for 106.7 The River. And–get this–they will even have the area’s first “now playing” billboard that will display the song currently playing on the station on Southbound Highway 65 near Chestnut Expressway. (It’ll make like a cool game to see how accurate it will always be, haha.)

The very sad news is that our two-hour local show, Rock Talk, that would air every Sunday night, is currently cancelled due to the format switch. We are grateful for the two years Journal Broadcast Group has allowed the local show to run. They even allowed us to extend it to two hours last year. We are very proud of the show and all the music we were able to promote. That’s all we know for now, but if and when we find out more we’ll keep you posted.

Here’s the official press release, courtesy of Journal Broadcast Group:

Journal Broadcast Group – Springfield Operations  
Launches The New 106.7 The River

Springfield, Mo. – The Springfield Operations of the Journal Broadcast Group announced today that The New 106.7 The River began operations at 12 p.m. on October 1, 2009.  In making the change, 106.7 moves from a “Hard Rock” station to a “Variety” format.  The format change is designed to appeal to listeners who want a wide range of music genres and artists without annoying DJ chatter and many interruptions.  The best hits from the past 5 decades will be featured.  Artists ranging from John Mayer to Madonna to Styx.  Springsteen to Cher to 3-Doors Down.  Abba to Bob Seger to Kellie Clarkson.  Chicago to Nickleback to The Beatles.  A question many listeners will have is, “What Will They Play Next?” 

Valorie Knight, Operations Manager for the Springfield Operations five-station-cluster is the new Program Director for The New 106.7 The River.  Simon Nytes, previously Program Director for KZRQ-FM 106.7, assumed Knight’s former duties as Program Director of sister station KSPW Power 96.5.

In making the announcement, Springfield Operations Vice President and General Manager Rex Hansen said,

“With a library of more over 2,000 songs, The New 106.7 The River now provides REAL music variety unlike any other station in the market.  We’re confident listeners and advertisers will appreciate and enjoy the variety offered on the station.”


Valorie Knight added, “We’re really excited about the new format.  It’s new to our area, and we’re thrilled that we’re able to bring it to our community.  We know it’s going to be a big ‘hit’ with listeners and advertisers.”  

The New 106.7 The River is one of five radio stations in Springfield owned by Journal Broadcast Group. 

About Journal Broadcast Group

Journal Broadcast Group owns and operates 35 radio stations and 13 television stations in 12 states and operates an additional television station under a local marketing agreement. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it is the broadcast business of Journal Communications Inc., a diversified media company with operations in publishing, radio and television broadcasting, interactive media and printing services.


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34 Responses to “Z106.7 is now 106.7 The River ***UPDATED***”

  1. thederosh Says:

    I wanna take a second and clarify something: Rock Talk is gone because it doesn’t fit with the new jockless format. Local music, it isn’t a reflection on you. You had A LOT of love in that building, from the Z crew and the rest of the staff. Please know that.

  2. Katie Says:

    So… they seriously had to get rid of a perfectly fine station for “decades” music? I’m outraged.

    Rock Talk needs to live on!!!

  3. Trent Wilson Says:

    I don’t think people realize how unfriendly radio is to the local guys and gals. It is so frustrating. In a perfect world my suggestion would be for us to start a pirate station, but I know how difficult and time consuming that can be. Oh wait a second……. MAYBE WE COULD HAVE AN FM COLLEGE RADIO STATION LIKE EVERY OTHER UNIVERSITY IN THE WORLD???????????????? This pisses me off every time I think about it. ARRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Matt Rogers Says:

    This sucks. I wonder how long the format change will last. I know they did something similar for a radio station here in Dallas and I don’t think the format change lasted more than a year. They should have just created a new radio station.

  5. Katie Says:

    Listing Abba and Nickelback as some of the main artists examples in the press release doesn’t seem promising to me…

  6. Erik McGreevy Says:

    This reminds me of Airheads.

    Please some band hijack the station with waterguns.

  7. Matt Rogers Says:

    and they couldn’t even spell Kelly Clarkson right in their press release. fail!

  8. Pissed at Journal Says:

    This is the worst.

    I’d rather have someone punch my erect penis in the middle of a Walmart than have this be my reality.

  9. reverend jeff Says:

    Who fills out listener surveys? DOUCHEBAGS, that’s who. 5 COMPETITORS, REALLY? When there used to be 2? You know the DOUCHEBAGS that filled out the surveys aren’t going to listen. They’re already listening to one of the 5 COMPETITORS… What fucking genius made this decision? I’m sorry- I meant STUPID WHORE. What STUPID WHORE made this decision?

  10. Krissy Says:

    This really sucks…had to go and ruin a perfectly good station….and it isn’t like there aren’t hundreds of stations that play decade musics…who exactly did they survey? I mean seriously, I am so not listening to that crap.

  11. What the FUCK. Says:

    How the hell could a station or company or what ever think this is a good idea? Going from splitting a target audience of lets say 13-40y/o in half with 102.1 to dividing listeners 35-55 five plus ways. I really want someone to explain to me how this was a smart business decision, maybe I am just to bias to understand.

  12. Kane Says:

    The decision made to change the station like that is utterly retarded. if people want variety that much, then they can stop being lazy and change the station to one of the many different stations that exist in springfield. As a frequent listener of radio I am very upset that they have cut my ability to listen to new rock on the radio by 50%! and also without warning! I am very displeased with the change, and feel completely betrayed. But who really cares, right? they’ll do whatever it takes to make their pockets deeper and their bank accounts larger.

  13. mike Says:

    this is so sad. it was the only cool station there was around here that didnt play sucky music. now its even worse than the stations that sucked in the first place that brought me to this station. theres too many oldies and pop stations already. i`m very unhappy and wont listen to this radio station any more. what a sad day for rock. your ” what will we play next?” who cares, what your playing blows. i dont care for 5 hour talk shows, but compared to your new format i`d rather have a talk show

  14. alf Says:

    Yeah, this sucks. Between losing Todd & Tyler in the mornings and Rock Talk, it really sucks. If I want to hear “five decades of music” I’ll just listen to my IPod and not risk hearing Madonna or Cher. 106.7 was the ONLY station remotely cool to local music, and now that’s gone.

    And I’m with Erik M. Airheads was the first thing I thought of.

  15. mike Says:

    check out Q102.2, they are rockin!!!

  16. C.H. Says:

    Dear 106.7 The River,

    I want you to know: you are a traitor, ya hear?

    You timidly ventured out to try a mere fraction of the artists & albums that have been created since 1999; and now you’re turning tail, running for the safety of the Variety backyard?!

    How can I convince you that there is music RIGHT NOW that needs to be played? People need to stop focusing on the fucking past. People DO NOT need to hear “Dream Weaver” again. Where is the gusto, the persistence to succeed without settling for mediocrity?

    Reconsider. Today. Last night you played Boston and I forgive you.


    ~Caleb Haas

  17. Kalt Says:

    This sucks majorly. I’ve left my feedback on their comment form, everyone else here needs to WRITE THEM AND TELL THEM WHAT A F#UP THIS IS!

    As far as pirate radio goes…that would be cool but not possible in today’s age. There’s a cool movie based on pirate radio from the 60s/70s called “The Boat That Rocked” I suggest you all check it out.

  18. Devlin Pierce Says:

    um…anyone have a few hundred thousand buckaroos so we can just start our own station. an actually good station with DJs who have the freedom to choose the music and play what they know is good and what the listeners really want to hear. a station where local rock is part of the rotation just like everything else, instead of being relegated to the hall closet of radio late on sunday night. a station where there is no “playlist”, just a shit-ton of great music that can be played at any time. is anybody in? chris, scott- you guys in?

    come on, someone must have a jar of quarters lying aroung or something! maybe a few hundred stacks?

  19. Discouraged Says:

    I hate, hate, HATE this change. I’ve been listening to this station since it started.. no more. I switched to Q102.1 They aren’t as good as what 106.7 used to be, but they are a FAR sight better than what it has become… which is pathetic.

    BOOOOO Journal Broadcast Group.. you took a great station and made it suck.

  20. YOUR GAY NOW Says:

    What a load of shit i live to far from springfield to get 102.1 and 106.7 was the only THE ONLY new rock station i got for years loved it and now i gotta spend my days at work listening to 93.3 listening to the same 5 songs everyday and not having a clue as to when new rock music is out some hard working people cant afford DTV or Dish. your station is a joke now ___FROM me and the 13 or so guy i work with and use to rock out with everyday at work …. GAYNESS I TELL U !!!!


  21. Discouraged Says:

    @YourGayNow.. I don’t know where you live, but you might try 107.1. If it will tune in for you, it’s a decent station

  22. DJ Says:

    Great cool format!!!! Kudos to 106.7 The River!!! Been listening since that other crappy airhead teen-agers only format went off!!! If you don’t like it quit complaining and go somewhere else and get over it. Try that crappy Q102.1 or better yet just give it all up and tune in 94.7 KTTS.

  23. Gwen Says:

    WOW!! I love this new station!! Its about time Springfield got something worth listening to! No more flipping through the dial trying to find great tunes! That Z106.7 was just awful.

  24. Spike Says:

    This is truly a great station Springfield has now. I read some of the negative feedback. Most of which is poorly written with cussing and just plain stupidity. If that was Z106.7’s audience I can see why a format change was needed!!!

  25. Marissa Says:

    I just moved to Springfield a month ago and was happy to finally find 106.7 The River which is just like a station in Dallas I used to listen to. I was switching back between Alice 95.5 and Star 105.1, not anymore.

  26. Chris Says:

    Good job Journal Broadcast Group!!! You finally got rid of a crappy fomat that played sucky music. Long live 106.7 The River!!! Now that you play something worth listening to, I noticed that the station only puts out 19,000 watts, will there be any plans to increase the power possibly to 50,000 watts for a better coverage area? I can’t think of any other station near by that also broadcast at 106.7 that would be interfered with.

  27. Will Trenton Says:

    Alright!! Finally got a great new format!! That Z106.7 just plain sucked and that crappy Q102.1 is just as bad. Great move Journal Broadcast Group!! Now to just increase the stations power a little bit would be even better!!

  28. Truck Says:

    I heard that Tank over at Q102.1 loves this new format and is sick of playing crappy sucky music on his graveyard shift at the station. His dream job is to be a DJ at KTXR!!!!!

  29. Echoz Says:


    I used to listen to the Z all the time.. hell.. that’s what I’d normally turn on first when I decided for a break from all the electro on my mp3 player.

    I like Q102… but sometimes they play whiny pop-rock garbage that I’d rather not hear.

    Meh. The loss of Rock Talk really sucks too on that note.

    I’m with the others on the “Who does these surveys anyway?!” bit.

  30. Chaffy Says:

    Who cares about boring crap like Rock Talk and sucky hard rock crap that blows.
    That kind of music is for lazy asses that never succeed in anything. Glad that garbage is off the air!!! The River 106.7 is quite an improvement!!!

  31. tom Says:

    I use to live in missouri and listed to Z all the time the only rock/hardrock station I could get couldnt get the Q. I moved away for a bit and come back to find Z is gone and turned into a variety station what the heck. I can already pick up 4 variety stations why do I need another where the heck do I go to listen to rock now, how come everyone hates on hard rock, its so hard to find good hard rock on radio
    I guess I’ll just have to move back to Arkansas and listen to the X.

  32. David Says:

    The New Format makes me sick to my stomch. The far most worst new format ever. Seeing these Comments you would think they would take it off the air and put the rock station back. If you go to their facebook paper they only have 78 members and thats it and I think that well help ever more to change that crap they call music. But they have change it yet I guess they do want to see what people to say. Because they don’t care about the locals people. Course that why crop. bussiness is a failer in the United States these days.

  33. tom Says:

    Just moved back to missouri I was only visiting last time and I see Z is still gone looks like all hope is lost ohh well just found a facebook page called 106.7 sucks lol btw I use to listen in the evening all the time to I think it was elle cruz anybody know what happened to her is she still on

  34. a random Z fan Says:

    Im sorry but trent wilson and will trenton those names are way to similar one or both of you are spamin also to assume that everyone that listened to Z were just teenagers in itself is a very juvenile and teenage thing to say im in my twenties and listened to Z as well as all my friends who are also in there twenties Z being gone is very sad but sitting here argueing about it ain’t gonna change anything we need to stand up and do something but I dont know what sending them emails and calling them dont really seem like it will do much but its a start

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