Sacrificial Lambs: Lineup announced for the next battle of the bands


LOG_Gwar_ShrineMosqueIt seems everyone discovered a winning formula with this summer’s Korn show at The Shrine Mosque: Book a big-ticket national act, set up a battle of the bands among big-drawing locals to determine the opener, apply revenue from the battle of the bands to help offset the cost of the big-ticket national act. The formula returns October 17 with another battle of the bands–this time at The Outland Ballroom, as opposed to Remmingtons Downtown–to determine the opening act for Lamb Of God when the band comes to the Shrine with Gwar and Job For A Cowboy November 7. The lineup? Glad you asked. Peep it after the break.

There are five bands in all competing for the opening slot. We’ll list them alphabetically:

Extreme Hate Frequency


The Murlesque

Six Shots Till Dawn

Violent End

The winner, as we alluded to before, gets to play at The Shrine Mosque as the opening act for Lamb Of God, something no local act would normally be afforded the chance to do otherwise. You’ll get to decide which of these fives bands gets said chance, thanks to the ballot that comes with your paid entry to the show. The band with the most ballots cast for it at the end of the night wins.

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4 Responses to “Sacrificial Lambs: Lineup announced for the next battle of the bands”

  1. reverend jeff Says:


  2. GIRTHMAN Says:

    Curious how to get into these battle of the bands. Never given the opportunity.

  3. GIRTHMAN Says:



    If you want to meet Lamb of God and have them sign CDs and stuff, come meet them that afternoon at Best Buy, back in the Musical Instrument section!!!

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