Wyrick to leave The Cropdusters


WyrickHas there been any band in Springfield on a bigger roll lately than The Cropdusters? It seems the collective of B.A., C.H., Jeb, Taylor and Toad has ridden a wave of success since its CD release show at Lindberg’s in February, winning the GO Music Awards Best Band prize and even traveling around the Midwest to play festivals and open for major touring acts when they come through Springfield. They’ve been marquee acts at big local festivals such as C-Street Jam in the spring and FourFourFest a couple of weeks ago. The group went through some early lineup shifts before settling on its current quintet, but now it appears the band is headed for another change. More after the break.

Jacob “Toad” Wyrick, the group’s guitar player, vocalist and sometime songwriter, announced recently he would be leaving the band to concentrate on other projects, both musical (The Detectives) and otherwise (a budding advertising business). It is unclear at this time who will take Wyrick’s place in the band, but it appears the band has opened discussions with Steve Newman of The Domino Kings, The Honkeytonk Renovators and HeartPunch. If recent performances are any indication, however, look for Wyrick to carry on with the band until a full-time replacement is found, as we understand he has already played at least two shows with the lineup change in the works. Watch this space for more info as it comes.

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