Welcome Back: Music News Edition


Jordan45“When I come back like Jordan, wearin’ the four-five, it ain’t to play games with you…” –Jay-Z

Really, DeRosh? A Jay-Z quote? You trying to be Hova now?! Nope. It’s just finally back to business as usual around here. Earlier we caught you up on the slew of big-ticket concerts put together in the time we spent planning FourFourFest; now it’s time to get you up to speed on the non-concert-related music news. This is a news website, after all. No more playing games; it’s time to get to it. We’ll dunk on your music news after the break.

 * Josh Heinrichs has been one busy man lately. Not only did he complete his EP Things Change, but Heinrichs recorded an album of reggae favorites with longtime friend and America’s Got Talent runner-up Cas Haley, titled–surprise!–Favorites. He has also put together a backing band to help perform his solo work, known as The Soul Riddim Band. With performances at the Oklahoma Reggae Fest and Schwagstock behind him, Heinrichs will be on the road through Texas this weekend with Haley before a series of dates in Hawaii on October 15-17.

* Jared Baehr, long the primary creative force behind local rock group Holstein (and still is), has joined another band–as its drummer. The Nautical West, as the group is known, also features Ryan Cupp on guitar and Eric Briano on bass. The band has a MySpace page set up, though there’s no music on it just yet. Watch for that soon and a debut show in late November, if the MySpace calendar is to be believed.

* While we’re on the subject of new bands, remember the group we were tentatively calling “Andy Marshall’s new band?” Such is what happens when we’re only aware of one person who is involved. Good news: We have the full lineup now. The group is called Bomb the Bay, and the full collection of members is Jake Turner (formerly of A Day Away) on vocals, Marshall and Jake Richardson (both formerly of Playing With Matches) on bass and drums, and Austin Corder and Joe Williams (both formerly of Glass Bottom Boat Ride) doubling up on guitar. Piqued your interest yet? The band is also sans music on its MySpace, but its debut show is already set for November 14 at The Outland Ballroom with The Bootheel, Benefit Of a Doubt and Uno.

* Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin is currently in the process of recording its next album. The man behind the boards: Chris Walla, guitarist of Death Cab For Cutie. Look for the finished results next year.

* Iseah guitarist Jonathan Brake is leaving the group to pursue other interests. According to the band’s MySpace blog, Brake will be replaced going forward by Greg Reed. No word yet on when Brake’s farewell show with Iseah will be scheduled; we’ll let you know when we find out.

* The Blue Room at Billiards of Springfield is no longer a live music venue. Rant forthcoming about this. Stay tuned.

* Adara, poised to play its CD release party at The Outland Ballroom last Friday night, cancelled the show. The word going around among the Ballroom staff was that the group suddenly broke up. Apparently, it’s not 100% correct; the band is, however, in search of a new drummer. Know any good ones?

* Gas Pump Talent has finally added songs to its MySpace page. Go and take a listen.


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