It Happens Today! Rain or Shine, FourFourFest brings you 18 bands on South Avenue in Downtown, Springfield for FREE



Today, September 19 marks the day of our 2nd annual FourFourFest. This year the festival is outside (rain or shine – thanks tents!) and features 18 bands on 2 stages and a Black Box Revue DJ tent all day…all of this for FREE! Yes, FREE! All you have to do is show up and enjoy the wide variety of awesome Springfield talent. The festival will go from 11am–11pm. There will be food vendors and a bunch of the bars on South Avenue will be opening around noon to serve as beer gardens (hehe, with liquor as well). Below are the bands and the schedule. Click on a band name to go to their website and check out some tunes.

1. (11:30-12:00) The Spacetones
3. (12:40-1:10) Bringers Of The Dawn (Filling in for Bringyourgreenhat)
5. (1:50-2:20) FrogEyeJugBand (Filling in for Underground Blues Division)
7. (3:00-3:30) Berch
9. (4:15-4:45) VideoVamp
11. (5:25-5:55) Assembly Line Gods
13. (6:35-7:05) Bottlefish
15. (7:45-8:15) Formant
17. (9:00-9:45) The Cropdusters

2. (12:05-12:35) The Never Saints
4. (1:15-1:45) Chance Ray Band
6. (2:25-2:55) Matt Stell & The Crashers
8. (3:35-4:05) Pillbox
10. (4:50-5:20) The Short Histories of Powerful Nations
12. (6:00-6:30) The Highest Priest
14. (7:10-7:40) The Queen City Saints
16. (8:20-8:50) The North Decade
18. (10:00-10:45) Black Box Revue

Headlining the event will be two of Springfield’s best acts: Black Box Revue and The Cropdusters.

The first 16 bands are featured on the official FourFourFest 2009 compilation cd available at the show for only $5! 16 bands, 16 songs…only $5! There are also awesome FourFourFest 2009 shirts available for $10.

We hope you’ll come out and enjoy this year’s festival. Come out rain or shine and support live local music all day long!


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