The Show Report, 9/15: You should be there. Here’s why.


We’re running late after a long day of event planning, so let’s roll right into the lineup, eh? Okay, okay, along with one quick-hit point of why the show is/should be of interest:

* Confide, Agraceful, Memphis May Fire, This Romantic Tragedy, What’s Left Undone and This Night Is Forever at The Outland Ballroom

Why You Should Be There: Confide, it turns out, has a bit of a following in the area, so even if you’re unfamiliar with the group you can expect a lively turnout to get you fired up. What’s Left Undone and This Night Is Forever are both excellent, young, growing local rock groups, too.

* The Short Histories of Powerful Nations, Machete Archives and Archimedian Point at Nathan P. Murphy’s

Why You Should Be There: It’s SHOPN’s first show in Springfield since its highly successful regional tour in August. The group also made a change at vocalist that we’re quite intrigued to hear. Add in that it’s the band’s first show on the Murphy’s stage, complete with Sound System 2.0, and it could be a pretty memorable night.

* BringYourGreenHat at TGI Friday’s

Why You Should Be There: Have you heard this group acoustic before?! They’re at least as entertaining as they are with the full lineup, which is not something many bands can say.

* Open Mic Night at The Outland

Why You Should Be There: To be honest, it wasn’t long ago when we wouldn’t have had a good answer to this question here. Any open mic night is, um, uneven in its talent range, and some past experiences left us thinking it was trending downward for this longtime Outland staple. We were wrong. There has arguably been more quality talent in recent weeks than we’ve seen in a long time. What will we get this week?


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