The Show Report, 9/12: Machine Guns! Blues! Charity!


A few things you should know about your Saturday musical tour of Springfield:

1. It starts early. If you wait until your customary start time of 10 p.m., you’ve missed a third of the good stuff, maybe more.

2. You can help cure a disease while you take said tour. No House-like medical skills required.

3. Overall, said musical tour is an absolute melting pot that defies simple classification. But we’re going to try, and it starts after the break.

* Machine Gun Symphony and Pilot Whale at Remmingtons Downtown. Whoa, hold up, DeRosh. Pilot Whale?! Opening for an ’80s hair-metal cover band?! Yes, that’s right, and for as out of place as it may sound on the surface, any chance to see this man in action again can’t be passed up:

* Greater Ozarks Blues Festival at Bass Pro Shops Parking Lot–not the Cherokee Street lot, but the lot adjacent to Wonders of Wildlife. Trust us, once you’re in the area you can’t miss it; that stage looks like it could host a shuttle launch. Today’s schedule includes The Cate Brothers (1 p.m.), Reba Russell Band (3 p.m.), Kenny Neal Band (5 p.m.), Davy Knowles & Back Door Slam (7:15 p.m.) and Saturday-night headliner Ronnie Baker Brooks (9:30 p.m.). If you crave more, head to Dennis’ Place afterward for the late-night blues jam featuring many of the day’s onstage acts.

* Rock to Defeat ALS at Lindberg’s. ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, doesn’t get a lot of press these days, what with the plethora of ailments garnering headlines. This evening, though, it gets its day with a nightlong fundraiser with Revolver, Blue Plate Special, Nathaniel Carroll, Eddie Gumucio and Shinebriter among the performers. The price of admission if FREE, but the donations made will all go to the ALS Association, so make them big. Starts at 5:30 p.m.

* We Are Like the Spider, Falcon Punch and Do It To It at The Outland Ballroom. Lots to like here: WALTS plays its first headlining show at the Ballroom, and only its second show with a full backing band. Falcon Punch plays a gig, something that doesn’t happen often. Do It To It plays its first public show as well after a well-received performance at a house party a few weeks ago.

* Bender at Roadhouse Saloon. The list of originals keeps growing, but they’re still the only cover band (we’ll keep calling them that for now) we’ve seen in Springfield with the guts to play “Eye of the Tiger.”

* 417 Sounds at ERA. Consider tonight’s all-ages dance set a warmup for next weekend’s all-ages afterparty at ERA for FourFourFest. It will be one of two official afterparties that night, with the second a 21-and-up show at The Outland with The Bootheel and Black Box Revue.

* Sam & the Stylees at Patton Alley Pub

* The Hundred Hand String Band and The Usual at The Outland

* The Expectations at Sinatra’s


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One Response to “The Show Report, 9/12: Machine Guns! Blues! Charity!”

  1. Nathan P. Murphy's Says:

    Tokyo Sauna w/ Assembly Line Gods at Nathan P. Murphy’s!!!!

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