The Show Report, 9/4: Is First Friday ready for this?


Earlier in the spring we made the trip with the crew from Black Box Revue to visit Austin for South By Southwest and for Lose Control, the massive three-day party BBR was throwing during the event. One of the standout guest performers at Lose Control was the Icelandic synth-plus-instrument group Steed Lord, which makes a guest appearance tonight at BBR’s weekly dance party at The Outland. In a way, the real beauty is that the group arrives on the night of First Friday ArtWalk, when the prevailing crowd downtown really digs art is up for a pleasantly colored painting or two and some hors d’oeuvres. Contracted designers in addition to musicians, the four members of Steed Lord have the visual boldness to keep up with their Euro-stomp musical mojo, not to mention a healthy dollop of way-asymmetrical hair. Let the culture clash begin!

The music scene is alive tonight in the following rooms as well:

* The Conniptions, The Dark Alleys and Nude Furniture at Lindberg’s. It’s the first Conniptions show in two years, and, from what we hear, it’s not a good idea to hold one’s breath for another one. The band hasn’t said one way or another, but when we asked them last week on Rock Talk there was no immediate “yes” to more gigs, so see this one while you can. Not enough cause? The Dark Alleys are back playing shows again after a long absence of their own, and Nude Furniture showcases the jaw-dropping guitar work of local axe hero Steve Newman (of The Domino Kings, The Honkytonk Renovators and HeartPunch).

* It’s the first Friday of the month, which also means The Mystery Hour is back at Skinny Improv Theatre. Jeff Houghton presides over (and, frequently, instigates) the madness with guests Cowboy Kenny Bartram, Yakov Smirnoff and musical guest J.W. Grisbee.

* Sweetwater Abilene, Ghost Dance and Adam Faucett at The Outland Ballroom. Faucett’s last Springfield appearance at The Outland won a lot of new fans with his elegant, earnest songs, enought to have his second appearance come at the higher-capacity Ballroom with help from longtime Springfield draw Sweetwater Abilene and recent buzz group Ghost Dance. Not a bad encore, eh?

* Trash Angels at Three 20’s Club. The group recently added a keyboard player to its lineup, which singer Tiffany Rene tells us is greatly enhancing the group’s sound. Tonight’s gig is another chance to watch the group build on new members and new material ahead of more recording in October for the next album.

* Rags to Rich’s at Patton Alley Pub

* Nocturnal Nation at Nathan P. Murphy’s


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2 Responses to “The Show Report, 9/4: Is First Friday ready for this?”

  1. Lil Says:

    The Detectives at Dennis’!

  2. Johnny Bukkake Says:

    Saint Never is throwin’ down EJ-style sonicscapes at Obelisk tonight. Possibly an experimental first run at some new Saint Never project? Hmm. Possibly. It’s def. new.

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