FourFourFest 2009: Local music gets its day with 18 bands on South Street, 2 stages, all day…FREE


Local music, now is your time. You ask for something big for local music and here it is. We took submissions for two weeks back in July and had hoped there would be a lot of interest in the 16 spots available for the event’s performers and on its accompanying for-charity compilation CD. The results were even better than we could have hoped for. More than 50 bands sent material in, making the already unsavory job of whittling down bands we like that much more difficult. After a lot of careful consideration, we believe we’ve put together an outdoor all-local music festival representative and worthy of The Springfield Scene.

We’re shutting down South Street for an entire day between McDaniel and Walnut on Saturday, September 19. We’re putting 2 stages and a DJ tent on it to run from roughly 11:30am–11:00pm with music going all day. There will be food available and cool sponsors showing you what they’re all about. There will also be a few bars open all day as well to serve as beer gardens (being that you can’t have alcohol on a public street thanks to Springfield’s open container law). Regardless, this will be a day full of fun and music with 18 bands + DJ’s spinning all day, on South Street and best of all…its free.

Get more info and the list of this year’s performers with links to their music so you can check them out…

Again, here are the details:
FourFourFest 2009

  • Presented by:, Z106.7, Palen Music Center and Mediacom
  • Saturday, September 19
  • 11:30am–11pm
  • South Street (Downtown Springfield, MO between McDaniel and Walnut)
  • FREE
  • 18 Bands
  • 2 Stages
  • Black Box DJ tent all day

Below is the schedule for the festival. The first 16 will also be featured on the official FourFourFest 2009 compilation CD that will be available at the event for only $5.

1. (11:30-12:00) The Spacetones
3. (12:40-1:10) Bringers Of The Dawn
5. (1:50-2:20) FrogEyeJugBand (Filling in for Underground Blues Division)
7. (3:00-3:30) Berch
9. (4:15-4:45) VideoVamp
11. (5:25-5:55) Assembly Line Gods
13. (6:35-7:05) Bottlefish
15. (7:45-8:15) Formant
17. (9:00-9:45) The Cropdusters

2. (12:05-12:35) The Never Saints
4. (1:15-1:45) Chance Ray Band
6. (2:25-2:55) Matt Stell & The Crashers
8. (3:35-4:05) Pillbox
10. (4:50-5:20) The Short Histories of Powerful Nations
12. (6:00-6:30) The Highest Priest
14. (7:10-7:40) The Queen City Saints
16. (8:20-8:50) The North Decade
18. (10:00-10:45) Black Box Revue

Headlining the event will be two of Springfield’s best acts: Black Box Revue and The Cropdusters.
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Screen shot 2009-09-03 at 9.53.17 AM
RSVP and invite friends to the official FourFourFest event on Facebook here:


Print off your own flyers!
Wanna help more? Awesome! Print out your own flyers!

We’ll have online banners for pages shortly. In the meantime you can use the flyer above.

Thanks to every band that submitted material for making this a very tough process. For this year’s FourFour Fest, we’ve decided upon the above 16 acts, listed alphabetically for the compilation CD to be released at the show. BIG thanks again to everyone who sent submissions in to us! We’re keeping your music, and, yes, playing it whenever we get the chance! Watch for more show news very soon. Till then, bands, attendees, everyone: Save the date. September 19 we resume local music’s biggest party. See you there.



  • Palen Music Center
  • Z106.7
  • Mediacom


  • Metromix
  • The Moxie
  • Vintage Vice
  • Swagbot
  • American Bodyworks Tattoo
  • Ability Transportation
  • Car-Fi

and also:

Staxx, Andoro’s Pizzeria, The Albatross Hookah Lounge, Traders Printing, and Forever Endeavor Productions

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43 Responses to “FourFourFest 2009: Local music gets its day with 18 bands on South Street, 2 stages, all day…FREE”

  1. Uhh Says:

    I don’t know, I go to a lot of shows in Springfield and I’ve only ever heard one of these bands. So I’m not really sure it’s that good of a representation.

  2. MobileForceRecording Says:

    That’s weird, because I’ve heard of almost all of these bands, and I don’t go out that much.

  3. Erik Says:

    Let me preface this by saying that I am in no way shape or form trying to be mean or hateful. What band have you heard of and what shows are you going to? I haven’t heard some of these bands but I see all their names all the time.

  4. Chris Says:

    I would say that it probably depends on your age with some of these bands… but like Erik said, most people have at least heard the names. And further more the point of Four Four Fest is to shed some light on the music scene and hopefully turn people on to bands they may not know of. So far it looks as though you are off to a good start.

  5. Scott P. Says:

    Thank you Chris…well put. That is exactly what we’re wanting to do. We’re wanting people to come out and have a good time and enjoy local live music and support each of the bands. Sometimes this means standing there respectfully even if you don’t like the music. Come with some friends, have some beers (if you’re of age) and please, lets have a great time supporting “the scene” together.

  6. Shawn Says:

    I personally cannot wait to play a show with such a diverse line-up and am excited about the opportunity to share a stage with groups that I usually wouldn’t get to play with. It is going to be a really fun experience, I do believe. In fact, as Chris said, if you have NOT heard of most of these bands, you should be the most excited person. Hearing a new local band that you like is more exciting than finding one from far away, because you can see them play ALL THE TIME!

  7. Bobby Gardner Says:

    The UBD is a great band. Blues kicks ass. How were the songs selected? and why isn’t -the BOBBY GARDNER band- on the lineup..?

    • Scott P. Says:

      Blues DOES kick ass.

      Chris and I each made a list, we compared the lists and matched on 18. We then narrowed that down to the 16 required. We let the time limit slide just a little bit (cuz we know how that can suck), but some were removed from selection for songs that were WAY WAY WAY too long. We tried to compile a “first go” at a festival/compilation CD that represents our music scene…but instead of just asking bands to do it, we wanted the bands that REALLY wanted to get involved submit a track. So it was from those that we picked the final 16. We narrowed it to 16 this year to A) allow us to fit it all on a compilation CD and B) to allow us to do a single one-day one-location event. We also want to make it a little more “special” to get on, cuz it isn’t if everyone can get on it. This will make the festival event and compilation cd’s success a little more obtainable.

      Thank you to everyone that entered. We’re very excited and we hope we all can work together to make this a success.

  8. Justin Says:

    Kinda weird to be hearing CRB, Formant, and Highest Priest all in the same show. Maybe that’s what makes it more awesome. Can’t wait to go!

  9. Stinky Pete McGraw Says:

    So looking over this line-up reminds me why I love local music.

    I think there will be a good crowd for this thing and hopefully people will respect the differences in genre. I went to the Unity Show at Remmingtons last month and it was definitely diverse…the only problem with that show was the fact that they had way too many bands and started way to late at night.

    With 2 stages in this instance that means there is little down time. I went to see Queen City Saints and they didn’t even start until after midnight. Even with that issue they had a decent crowd for their set.

    If this fest is executed correctly, it could be one of the greatest concerts for local music in recent memory…or…if executed poorly could be one of the biggest disappointments.

    What I do know is that these guys from the 4 4 are some super sexy gentlemen with a little something to say for ingenuity. So I predict a winner.

  10. MobileForceRecording Says:

    This is going to be fun regardless. And hopefully I’ll be running sound for one of the stages…. *wink

  11. Roots of Mankind Says:

    UNITY! this will be a great thing for our music scene and im bummed were playing a show the same night and couldnt come out!

    • Scott P. Says:

      Oh you can. If you’re in SGF you can come out any time of the day. This will be going from 3pm-11pm, 2 stages with 5 min downtime between each set.

      This is going to be fun.

  12. The Highest Priest Says:

    Glad to see we were selected!!! Can’t wait to play with some fresh bands…till then come out and see us play Aug. 29 @ the Ballroom.

  13. Johnny Bukkake Says:

    Shew….I’m totally wiping my brow on this one. When I saw there were 50 submissions, I gotta a little nervous about the meager fare I’d sent in. Some of these bands are POWERHOUSES with hot tracks on well-polished CDs. I know personally I feel like The Never Saints have accomplished something by making the cut.

    I like that the MAJORITY of the attitude in this thread is “Haven’t heard of them? SWEET!”

    Great line-up, 4x4s. The Never Saints are humbled and honored. I can’t wait for this show….

  14. Devlin Pierce Says:

    looking forward to an excellent show you guys. Not playing just gives me more time to enjoy the music around me! It will be a good chance to hear bands that I haven’t been able to get out and see. Great job on the lineup!

  15. Grant Says:

    Yet another reason I’m bummed to move. I think the most impressive part is the ‘Over 50 submissions’. I defy KC, Stl, Tulsa or Fayetteville to produce that kind of response, and I’m relatively certain some of the biggest acts In town didn’t submit. The depth and breadth of this scene is much under appreciated by the city and region and the tireless work of Scott and Chris is all that I see currently acting to rectify the situation. Just remember, instead of going to watch the 4 jacks play covers, you can see 16 bands that live and breathe 417 bring you original music (even if I now have the day/night off, I can watch my friends get down!).

    Unrelated side note: Is this the first compilation produced locally since the ‘sex sells’ disc?

  16. Dirk McNasty Says:

    Thanks to Bobby for the kudos!…Check out The Bobby Gardner Band and Black Suede every chance you get, they wail!…and on behalf of The UBD, thanks to the 4 4 boys for having us along, look forward to hearing some great stuff!

  17. Erik Says:

    Im just hoping Short Histories doesn’t scare people away or turn everyone into rabis zombies or something. A zombie apocolypse would surely put a damper on the day.

    • Stinky Edwards Says:

      …or would it?

    • thederosh Says:

      I’d say aim for zombie apocalypse–c’mon, we all wanna see one eventually–and if you just achieve a festival of people staring at the stage with their mouths open, all thinking “I can’t really describe what I just saw, but it was kind of awesome,” well, then you’ve accomplished what we were hoping for anyway.

      • Erik Says:

        Lol, I am also excited to see if downtown is ready for the miniature wall of sound that is shawn maher and logan williams. Will buildings crumble?

  18. Joey Rowlett Says:

    I have heard and or worked with many of the bands on this list, but there are also some bands that I haven’t seen yet or even heard of. That’s the best part for me! We’ll be on tour that weekend with another regionally touring band from Iowa, The Josh Davis Band, and those guys are really excited to see what the Springfield scene has to offer. We’ll be playing the Ugly Mug that night, but we’re staying as long as possible to hear as many bands as we can. Good job….you guys are quickly putting Springfield back on the map

  19. Katie Says:

    I think it’s a great diverse list. Even if some people haven’t heard of the acts, that’s more of a reason to stay all day and see them! You never know what music you may find and enjoy!!

    Thank you Chris and Scott for all your hard work!!!

  20. Tyler Says:

    This is probably going to be a ridiculously awesome day. If you haven’t heard most, or at least a good chunk, of these bands then you need to be there. Springfield’s scene is diverse and folks get to see that thanks to the guys running this blog.

  21. OBAMA BUDDY Says:

    So will the 2nd stage be smaller and have less sound system than the mainstage?

  22. Johnny Bukkake Says:

    ….and also supporting the festival is WIRED WOODS STUDIO where the compilation CD was mastered……..WE HAVE SPECIALS FOR ANY ONE MENTIONING THE FOURFOUR.

  23. stinkyedwards Says:

    21 hrs. 45 min. 28 sec. till lift-off…

    Can’t wait!

  24. kliphdawg Says:

    Good thing the website mentioned the starting time of the days events since the advertisement in the News-Leader Weekend FAILED to state the time. One might think it would be crucial to know that so as not to miss anything? Way to go NL!!!! That said..ought to be a fun time.

  25. bubba jones Says:

    my blue life,force fed patriots, new world spirts, the urge, one violent green,

    i miss the all the local bands from back in the day, wish i could attend the show tomorrw sounds like its going to be killer! i remember when the regency showcase had all the great bands…….and then it was the juke joint….what happened to all the great clubs that was home to all our bands?

  26. Erik Says:

    OMG, 13 hrs 20 minutes and counting. I am freaking stoked because I haven’t played a show with most of these people. I might not be able to sleep tonight.

  27. arin gilbert Says:

    Wish I could be there. Makes me miss springfield.

  28. stinkyedwards Says:

    R-A-I-N ! NOOOO!

  29. stinkyedwards Says:

    You guys did a great job and it was a wonderful time!

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