Happy Ending? Local music comes to Project Runway


As long as we're talking "farewell song," let's play it while we dismiss Tim Gunn (left) from this picture.

We would follow Heidi Klum just about anywhere, but following the supermodel and the show she hosts, Project Runway, from Bravo to Lifetime was a bitter pill to swallow. There are only so many Meredith Baxter movies and Golden Girls reruns we can take, and the network has a tendency to dish out plenty of both, but at least we’re given a 60-minute Heidi Oasis to… wait, what were we talking about? Ah, yes, television. The new season of Project Runway began recently, and it turns out one longtime member of the local music scene will be giving us added incentive to watch the show this year. Find out about the best thing on the show after its buxom host after the break.

Notice a familiar voice toward the end of the program? That was none other than Springfield’s own Brannon Powers singing “Let My Soul Go” as the featured farewell song for the show, as well as on Models of the Runway, PR’s spinoff program. (Click here to watch a video clip from the show featuring “Let My Soul Go.”) If you really like the tune, of course, you’ll now find it for sale on iTunes, as well.

Many will remember Powers as the lead singer for local pop-rock group happyendings, which split up last November. Powers has since been hard at work on his solo music, with television as a major target. Combine that with his tour last spring with up-and-coming songstress Kate Voegele and you just may be watching a career on the rise. How’s that for “make it work,” Tim Gunn?!


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One Response to “Happy Ending? Local music comes to Project Runway”

  1. mark Says:

    i can never get enough golden girls reruns

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