So who’s down to jam? Murphy’s makes its stage yours tomorrow night


natepsIf you listened to Sunday night’s Rock Talk on Z 106.7 FM, whether live on The Radios or less-than-live on The Internets, you likely heard about an important event coming up in the history of downtown blues and rock club Nathan P. Murphy’s. The club turns 28 this year, and unlike some things of similar age the club arguably looks and feels better than it has since its very early years. To show off the new digs, the club is holding an open house of sorts tomorrow night for musicians and fans alike. Wanna check out a music show without a cover? Bands, wanna check out a room to play in that is probably different than you remember? Tomorrow is your night. Read on after the break.

Murphy’s opens its doors from 8 to 11 p.m. without a cover (and with drink specials, we’re told) to host any and all musicians onstage for a live jam session and for fans to come and have a few drinks and check out the revamped room. If it’s been a few months (or more) since your last stop by, you’ll notice a few things: a rebuilt front entrance, new sound system and more seating space, to name a few. The new front storescape (facing Campbell Avenue) may be more immediately noticeable to fans, but after years of periodically having a show marred by sound equipment problems it’s the onstage gear that may actually serve as the centerpiece. Rather than book one act to perform like a normal Thursday night, the hope is to bring in as large and diverse a group of musicians as possible to try the system out. Bring instruments (except drums, which are provided), plug in and go. Nothing like some new toys for one’s birthday, right?

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