The Rugs return, with a new (old) member


rugs_promoIt’s not often that The Rugs get to play a show these days, what with lead singer Matt Dampier living in Kansas City and all, but the band has been able to put together a show this Saturday (August 29) at Lindberg’s together with Pilot Whale, The Tall Dark & Handsomes and Matthew Darkly, Dampier’s other Moodring Records music project. Good news, certainly, and worthy of mention, albeit perhaps not on its own, but there’s an added detail that changes that: According to guitarist Eric SchuchmannDonnie Thompson, The Rugs’ original drummer, is back in the lineup and will be playing the Lindberg’s show. Thompson, probably best known for his work on guitar with The Morells, The Skeletons and The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, bowed out of The Rugs a couple of years ago and was replaced by Brian Azevedo. To our knowledge, it’s the first time the group’s original lineup has performed together in more than two years. Now the question becomes: Permanent change or one-show-only switchover?

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One Response to “The Rugs return, with a new (old) member”

  1. Shane A Says:

    Hey maybe you can do a story on the shitty bar owners here and how hard it its to get ahold of them and how hard it is to try and play at there bar….I mean as a musician there is nothing worse than calling a bar for a month sraight everyday trying to get in there…Thats why we dont have alot of really great musicians playing here!…A real band calls ONCE. its the bar managers job to get tallent. Why do most musicians have attitudes Bar owners..And why do musicians get big then MOVE from Springfield..BAR OWNERS!…..DJ, and People who sing Kareoke are treeted better than Musicians…I m sorry to vent but this town needs a kick in the ass from musicians…Seems like if you dont play Kid Rock or Skyner no one wants to hear you…..And god forbid if you try and play originals….WAKE UP…Thanks FOURFOUR for being the face of local music the musicians of Springfield Love ya…..Abney..of Tuck & Abney.

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