The Show Report, 8/22: They’re so… Sociable…


We never thought we would get to say this again, but the time is finally here so we’re saying it: The Sociables are playing a show tonight. After six months of “indefinite hiatus” (See?! Some bands do come back from that), the group finally reunites to bring its soul-funk-hop to Patton Alley Pub for what is, at least for now, a one-off show. In other words, if you think you can pass this up to see the band next time, you could be wrong about there being a “next time.”

That’s barely scratching the surface of this Saturday night. Read on and see who else is up to what.

* The Weiss family of mewithoutYou, Damien Jurado and Psalters at The Outland Ballroom. Forever Endeavor Productions returns with a show that is sure to pack the room, as mewithoutYou and Jurado have considerable followings.

* The Hundred Hand String Band and Bottlefish at The High Life Live Martini Lounge

* Chance Ray Band and Bottlefish at Lindberg’s. Hold on a minute, I hear you saying. Wasn’t Bottlefish playing The High Life? Yes. The band is doing the double tonight, playing early downtown and late on C-Street. You know what that means: twice as many Yankton sightings!

* Unteen at The Outland, playing its final show and CD release party. Hard to believe the band, which has been such a staple in punk circles in the city for years, is calling it a day. It’s also hard to believe that the album Good Grief, so long in the making due to financial and time constraints, is finally done and available at tonight’s show.

* The Final Piece, Plasticity Switch and Seven Dollar Stereo at Nathan P. Murphy’s

* Trash Angels at Cartoon’s

* Devlin Pierce at Schultz & Dooley’s

* Tuck & Abney at Classics

* Dear Mom at Roadhouse Saloon


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3 Responses to “The Show Report, 8/22: They’re so… Sociable…”

  1. stinkyedwards Says:

    …hey, don’t forget the Honky Tonk Renovators at Lindberg’s after Chance Ray.
    For the love of God, someone be there to keep Stevie Newman in line!

  2. DrurySIFE Says:

    Also Don’t forget The Radiance Effect has a CD Release show tonight. With Fairweather, Sean Lea, Storyline, & Josh Stewart & The Brilliant Last Frontier.

    7 PM Ridgecrest Baptist on Republic.

  3. Devlin Pierce Says:

    Yea, Devlin Pierce won’t be at S&D tonight do to illness. Sorry! Will be back next week.

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