The Show Report, 8/21: No… time… must… type… faster… (Pssssssst, it’s Chris D’s B-Day)


An incredibly hectic day of festival planning and sponsor talks comes to an end, the sun begins to set, the Park Central farmers market is underway… and we still haven’t brought you The Show Report! It’s not oversight, we promise; just a wicked packed day. Speaking of wicked packed, you have shows to attend, and rather than take up more time we’re letting you dive right into the lineup:

* Speakeasy and Shinebriter at The Outland Ballroom

* The Terry Quiett Band and Underground Blues Division at Nathan P. Murphy’s

* The Lonely Bull Club, Gone Baby Gone and comedian Timmy Jones at Lindberg’s

* Black Box Revue with guest Eli Smith at The Outland

* Reset and Phases at The High Life Live Martini Lounge

* Mister Brown at Patton Alley Pub

* Dear Mom at Roadhouse Saloon

If we’ve missed any–which is possible–add it in the comments section below. Back to the grind! Happy Friday everyone!


Edit: It’s Chris D’s B-day!! We’re gonna hit up the Tipsy Turtle and enjoy $3 everythings all night with some loud music. We may end up bouncing around shows, but be sure you stop and get Chris a shot or a beer next time you see him!

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One Response to “The Show Report, 8/21: No… time… must… type… faster… (Pssssssst, it’s Chris D’s B-Day)”

  1. Lil Says:

    The Chapmans at Dennis’ Place!

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