The Show Report, 8/20: A Fond Farewell by any other name…


Imagine this scenario: You’re in a band (woo!), you record your debut album in a day at a very good studio (damn we’re efficient!) and even send it out for some early reviews (free publicity rules!). From there, all hell breaks loose. You discover your band name is shared with another band… in Germany (seriously?!), and that said band just signed a record deal and wants you to vacate its band name (sigh). Then you run into glitches (i.e. money crunch) in the CD release process, meaning the record you recorded in a day took longer to get to the public than some other bands take to record and release theirs (good grief). Such is the plight of Sunrise Cassette, formerly known as A Fond Farewell and presently releasing its album Deal With It with a concert at Nathan P. Murphy’s tonight with openers Anthony Narvaez, Busted Kid and My Politic. Hopefully that puts an end to the twists and turns for a while, though it’s been a mini-soap opera in the meantime, even if it didn’t have brain tumors, evil twins or any of this.  

Also on tonight’s episode of As Your Music Scene Turns:

* The King of the Blues competition begins tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Guitar Center’s Springfield location (3500 S. Glenstone Ave.), with local guitarists from numerous bands–many of them blues guitarists, but, interestingly, some not–playing their hottest licks for some sweet prizes.

* The Detectives at The Outland

* Eddie Gumucio & The Electrics return to Tonic Ultralounge

* The DJs of LemonDrop Records at The High Life Live Martini Lounge

* Knife*Death and The Faceshots at Lindberg’s

* Endangered Species at Dennis’ Place

* Grace Askew at Patton Alley Pub

* Gas Pump Talent at Ebbets Field

* Art Bentley at Roadhouse Saloon


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