The Albatross: Thankfully, John Lydon has no say in it. ***UPDATED***


AlbatrossIf you need further proof of how music-obsessed we are, look no further than the business opening in what was formerly the Indie Clothing location immediately west of Jimmy John’s. It’s named “The Albatross,” which, it seems, could be made to have one of two associations:

The Normal Person Association: “Oh, yeah, that’s a kind of bird, right?”

The FourFour Association: “Did they just name a business after that overly long Public Image Ltd. song that led off Metal Box?! That’s awesome!!!”

It’s a sickness, really, and we blame John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten of Sex Pistols fame) moaning the lines “Getting rid of the albatross… sowing the seeds of discontent…” for exacerbating it. The business’s logo features a bird in it anyway, so we were shot down pretty quickly. But for a few weeks now that logo was the only bit of info we had about the place… until now. It appears to be an idea with potential for staying power and contentment, so you can safely tell Mr. Lydon to buzz off… admittedly, at your own risk. Read on for details about a fresh new wrinkle in Springfield’s music and nightlife.

The Albatross is owned by Chris Slater, a member of local bands Cornbelt Chorus and The Preservation Society. Details are still in flux as talks with the City of Springfield continue, but the plan, Slater says, is for the former Indie Clothing location to serve as a small-scale, premium smoke shop by day and BYOB hookah lounge by night. Slater also hopes to offer live music on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. To suit the room’s size and overall atmosphere (think of a seating capacity somewhere between 30 and 40), look for the performing acts to remain mostly acoustic and low-key. Though there will likely be live performers, Slater says The Albatross won’t be a venue in the classic sense, where audiences come in specifically to see music; rather, the goal is to have good music playing for the crowd that comes in to partake in the hookahs and the social atmosphere. In other words, it’s an ambience thing, so no Lydon-esque antics.

Slater says he hopes to have The Albatross open to the public in time for First Friday ArtWalk September 4, though there may still be work to do after that to have the lounge complete. We’ll fill you in with more details as the opening date approaches and more nuances are worked out with the City; in the meantime, the staff brings its hookahs to Fedora Social House every Wednesday evening to provide a sneak preview. Let the countdown begin.

***UPDATE 8/18 4:31 P.M.: We checked about contact info and Slater suggested email at this time. For more, write to***

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4 Responses to “The Albatross: Thankfully, John Lydon has no say in it. ***UPDATED***”

  1. Devlin Pierce Says:

    Sweeeeet! A hookah lounge downtown! Who do we contact, Chris, and how do we contact them?

  2. thederosh Says:

    Good point, Devlin. Let me get ahold of Chris and see how he’d best like to be contacted and I’ll update with that info.

  3. thederosh Says:

    Now updated with contact info! Woo!

  4. Devlin Pierce Says:

    thanks guys! will do!

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