Mega photo upload!!!!!…and some video


3820747609_5962619bbdWe’ve been so busy going to shows and planning this year’s FourFourFest that we’ve gotten a little backlogged on our photos and videos. So we just uploaded around 1,500 new concert photos from over 40 shows. Stop by our Flickr page and you just might see yourself. Please enjoy, use, and share. We’ve so got a crap ton of videos as well. We’ve only gotten started on those but we pretty sure the vid of Big Smith jammin’ on Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” only a few days after his death at Reed’s private party at the High Life is up there and definitely worth checking out. Much more video to come! So check’em both out, or you’ll like like this guy (click through)…




One Response to “Mega photo upload!!!!!…and some video”

  1. Dirk McNasty Says:

    Sweet!…but those pics of us are from Nathan P. Murphy’s, not The Outland.___Dirk=Bass UBD

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