The Show Report, 8/15: Rock till you drop


The day of music starts early (and involves food; more on that in a minute), but the highlights, we would argue, still come at the regularly scheduled rock-out time of, er, nighttime. Let’s start with The Debs, who reunite for their first concert in three decades at The Outland Ballroom tonight with The Sympletons (maybe the best hybrid name we’ve actually seen used, since the band includes members of The Symptoms and The Skeletons) following them onstage. The Debs were a shooting star in the local music scene, burning bright while on tour throughout the Midwest as a four-piece punk group comprised entirely of women. The band split up just as it was getting attention from people in the industry, but after going their separate ways the band is back together to bring its rock-meets-harmonizing style to an audience again. Should be a blast.

Remember that food-with-rock show we mentioned? Check that out and a whole lot more after the break.

* Sertoma Summer Sizzle at Summers at the River, with 4Jax, Bad Habit, Levee, Tripwire and Trash Angels. There’s so much going on here we don’t know where to begin. The event is a barbecue tasting, kickball tournament (that’s correct, yes) and rock concert–helluva combo, eh? Tripwire and Trash Angels may bring the house down with the hot guitar licks, but the band to catch here may be Levee, which is likely playing its last show or close to it as the members are moving on to new projects. Get your ’70s-infused “cock rock” while you can.

* Lance Lopez, Bobby Gardner Band and Underground Blues Division at Nathan P. Murphy’s. Geez, speaking of hot guitar licks, two of Springfield’s top-gun guitar players come together on the Murphy’s stage tonight–in support of a master. Texas-based Lance Lopez is making his first trip into the city to show what he can do… and the guy who taught Wes Jeans everything he knows can do quite a lot.

* The Cropdusters, The Bootheel and The BoogeyMen at The High Life Live Martini Lounge. Epic fail if you haven’t seen these three bands yet. We’ve waxed poetic about Cropdusters and Bootheel over time, but The BoogeyMen may be less familiar to weekend-show audiences. Get there early and catch one of the city’s hidden gems at work… and don’t let singer Diablo Maximus give you too much crap.

* The Dropouts at Roadhouse Cycles & Saloon

* Benjamin Jackson Band, Benefit of a Doubt and Afraid Of Monsters at The Outland. AOM is playing what is likely to be its last show before the band moves to the West Coast. Haven’t seen them yet? Now is the time.

* Brother Wiley and The North Decade at Lindberg’s

* Trash Angels at W.F. Cody’s South. Two shows in one night!

* Tuck & Abney at Classics inside the Clarion Hotel

* Devlin Pierce at Schultz & Dooley’s

* The Lowdown Fancy at Springfield Brewing Company

* The Brothers Greene at Patton Alley Pub


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  1. blondie Says:

    check out videos from The Debs and The Sympletons reunion show on my you tube channel…link should be above this post. thanks.

  2. blondie Says:

    well, maybe not… go to

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